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Pugsley's rundown of the Gearbest 3rd Anniversary Flash Sale


So apparently I don’t just do reviews anymore, It would appear I am turning my hand at promotions again…however, when one of my suppliers asks for a little help and sends Bernadette Crimplesnatch around to my house to deliver said message…

Then what’s a man to do…

It would appear that they require help in destroying the vape budget of my lovely cloudy faced clan so obviously…I am all about that (evil grin)

Soon see about that my dear…

So for those of you that have already burned through their Vape budget for the month…

Now every now and then as most of us know…and have been a victim of…Gearbest release a promotion full of …almost unfair…price cuts, flash sales, promo codes and downright dirty deals so being the ever giving helpful pillar of the community that I am …(hmm)…I have spent literally minutes digging through the vast amount of dirt on offer to see if I could dig up some juicy bones worthy of your attention.

Before I crack on however I should warn you about a couple of things I noticed, firstly, the promo page didn’t play well with Chrome…AT ALL…hated it in fact, kept crashing all the time, I had a few of the Brit-pack run a few tests for me and they confirmed the same thing, It has improved slightly as the day has gone on so maybe they are still working on it, it does however love Firefox and Safari so there’s that…

Secondly, whoever is in charge of sorting these Promo pages out needs to sit down in front of a large mirror and have a good long look at themselves,maybe question their career choices because it is choc full of questionable pricing and mishaps…for example, the TVF12 is being touted at £23.50 on the Promo page…bit of a pre-order bargain, however if you click on it you’ll notice the page that loads claims it is actually £29.61…, another example is the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 with a promo code…DON’T PUT IN THE PROMO CODE!..you’ll notice the price has already dropped on the page that loads once you click it, put the code in and the price will go up…

So keep your eyes peeled…

So without further a doodoo…onward buttercup!..and don’t spare the horses!..

By all means feel free to peruse the deals on offer at your leisure, However for those of you that just can’t be arsed I have selected a few rather juicy titbits worthy of your attention…such as…The Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus RDTA with a 10ml capacity, heard good things about this tank and I am still a big fan of the Supreme, Usually priced at a reasonable £38.48…now down to £28.05 when you input the given code at checkout.

Next up we have a very juicy pre-order price drop on the beautiful looking Tricker Mage Mech tube from CoilART who have some stunning devices on the verge of being launched, already dropped to £42.80 but if you use the code they give you you can pre order it for £36.07

Something from the upper end of the market is the rather ornate looking VICIOUSANT DNA167, This has been on my radar for a while just based purely on it’s stunning engraved alloy shell, I have seen this upward of £140 however on the promo page it is being priced at £92.61, press the link however and the price will tumble to £79.20…very tempted by that one…

Now one for those of you on a tighter budget, I love the cracked paint finish on this thing although I have no idea what the mod is like other than it gives you 280w from 2 x 18650’s… no TC function, so if straight power is your ‘thing’ then you can snag this high power device for £40.80 normally…click the link however and the price will almost half to £23.24…that’s a heck of a price for a duel battery high power mod.

And finally one mod that I can absolutely vouch for is the Woody Vapes X200, Easily in my top 3 mods that I have owned, the thing has worked flawlessly since day one and is as nice to you use as it is to look at, now down to £61.72 which is around half of it’s launch price…I can think of at least one person on ELR that will be happy about that one :wink:

I apologise in advance for those of you with absolutely no vape budget to speak of that didn’t heed my earlier warning and looked anyway…

But for those with a little disposable knocking about the place then the promo page is well worth a gander, some unbelievably unfair bargains and some that’ll save you the odd dollar …

I’m off to shake my piggy bank (not a euphemism) and see if I can muster enough pennies for that beautiful VICIOUSANT DNA167…

The full Promo Page can be found here…

Gearbest Anniversary Flash Sale Promo Page

Coming up I have the review coming together for the Avatar Vapenut …fan…extractor…filter…thingy…so keep your eye out for that in the very near future.

And if you don’t find anything you fancy in the Promo you can always hop on over to the Steampugs Link Shop here…where you will find more blinding bargains to throw your hard earned at :wink:

Steampugs Link Shop

Laters Gaters!

Yours forever vapeful



This month’s vape budget is already spent through your promo site, sir. :persevere:


DAMN that site and it’s pesky tempting deals…

I’ll have a word :rage:

lol (sorry…aaand thanks :wink: )


Yeah, you can say that again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(And right back at ya :wink: )


Same here! :tired_face:


Ssssshush, I think I can hear someone whisper “liability to pay compensation”. Did you hear it @Lolly ?


tumble weed rolls past



I can hear it, I can definitely hear it :laughing:


sorry that may of been me…I just ate 2 Burrito’s …


Best get the spray…:mask:


Turn that vape/fart fan absorber thingy on IMMEDIATELY :joy::laughing:


it literally just turned up as you wrote that I’m not even slightly joking lmaooooo

I am obv vaping though…still…awesome timing lmao


pumpkin you have done it again , great job and ty for the work you put into this


I thought her name was Brandy :astonished:


Always welcome Princess :wink: :kissing_heart: lol


I’ve heard those Viciousant dna 167 mods are faulty, but fear not folks. I’ve done a lot of research and talked to some people and found a fix for them. So to save everyone the hassle of doing it themselves you can just forward it to me and I’ll sort it out and send them on to you when it’s done :grin:


I still want one…I don’t care if it doesn’t work…

And you can’t stop me…


Aww, aren’t you just self-sacrificing as always, dear :kissing_heart:


We all think too much of you and your reviews for you to take that chance. Just do the sensible thing. You can trust me :wink:


It’s in my nature, what more can I say about it.