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Pugsley's triple hearted war-crafty review of the CoilArt Azeroth RTA




Great review. Had me laughing the whole time.

Love the idea of the 3 coils and it looks fairly easy to wick. To date the TF-RTA with the G4 deck is the most flavorful RTA I’ve ever had. But it is a bitch to wick. Think I will give the Azeroth a go.

Thanks for the review, brother.


I love Pug’s Story Time! :wink: Another top-notch review with a consistent format. SO enjoy the immaculate macro photography. Demonstrating expertise in one category implies a generalized expertise, which adds credence to a Reviewer and review. You’re the one ticking all the boxes …good or bad (hardwareX), Watching this space…


Ditto - except I’ve rebuilt/rewicked the G4 so many times now it doesn’t seem hard at all anymore. And as much as I love dear @Steampugs reviews, I have to disagree on the flavor comparison. The tri-coil deck on the Azeroth doesn’t fall short of the Ammit Dual Coil or Kylin - not at all. In fact it may be a tad better. I’m running all three right now and I can tell you if I want a very flavorful vape it doesn’t matter which I pick up…they’re all top shelf!

Great review Pugs! I figured this was coming eventually. Are you planning to get the Cthulhu Ceto RDA and review that?


Thanks brother :wink::ok_hand: I think youd like this one man, well worth a punt 🖒


Wow…thanks Mr Darc :grin: thats very nice of you to say so brother 🖒


Yeah you were the first one that told me about it lol…so I put the feelers out…
Im gonna try it with a different build I think, these coils arent amazing, ill go with somethin SS, itll be a cleaner taste and more than likely better flavour, in all honesty I wasnt expecting the first build to work lol…but there you go. Amazing piece.
Thanks brother 🖒:ok_hand::wink:
As for that Mesh rda…well…thats different huh…
I bet none of my suppliers will get em in though…


Nice one bro :thumbsup:


Thanks brother :wink:🖒


That’s what I call a review!


Thanks very much…erm… Ihhhpgh …

Best name ever…:grin:


Was waiting on a review on this from ya. I’ve seen good things on youtube but had to wait for your review to “o-ring it”. To be perfectly honest, I find your reviews on the actual product to be right-on, but it’s the bonus stories that pull me in. I think this one was my favorite to date. You really should think of writing a “Shit My Dad Says” type book. I’d buy it (after a proper review of course)


lol, thank you very much! :wink: glad you like my nonsense, it’s what keeps me doin em :grin:

Great idea for a book btw :wink: :ok_hand:


Oh wow!! You definitely know how to keep your readers entertained. Great review, not a thing I will buy but, I did enjoyed the lecture.


Glad to hear it :wink: and thanks :grin:🖒


Nice review man even though the first part was a little shitty! I’m really diggin the looks of that deck. Finally something fresh and functional. I might have to pick one of these up for sure


Thanks brother, much appreciated :wink:🖒



That was some story you related there sir. It had something for everyone. A bit suspense and thriller urgency, followed by mystery and intrigue. It then flowed into a bit of tragedy and pain, combined with some comic relief and a potential romantic love interest. What made it great was that it was based on true events

Speaking of stories the rta you have reviewed most excellently has a name that most will say comes from world of warcraft, but it also is the name of a place in a sci-fi novel titled the world of Azeroth/The fires of Azeroth. So your use of story to begin the review not only has given us the rta to check out, but possibly the chance to read a good book as well.