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Pugsley's triple hearted war-crafty review of the CoilArt Azeroth RTA


Superb review yet again brother. Reading your story time makes me feel a lot better about some of the stupid shit (excuse the pun) I did in my younger day, and my not so younger days.
I have to agree with @SthrnMixer on the flavour comparison thought. So much so that I sold the kylin I had for a week and ordered another Azeroth.


Thanks brother :wink:🖒


Thank you very much sir lol :wink:


Oh Shi… lol

Awesome review mate :thumbsup:


Thanks my man :ok_hand::facepunch::wink::grin:


This. Was. Fantastic! As per usual, of course! I really love your writing style, Pugs, and I could read it all day. I will also chime in and say…you ought to write a book! In any case, thank you for the incredibly in depth review of the Azeroth, it will now be on my short list of next hardware to purchase.
I have only one question. What was the diameter of your coils pictured in the triple build? Were they 2.5mm or 3?
Leave it to me to find the one… But your response would be most helpful when I get my hands on the thing.
Thanks again for a review that hits the perfect balance of Entertainment AND Enlightenment! :wink:


I believe they were 3.5mm dude 🖒
And thank you very much for your kind words sir :wink:🖒 very much appteciated.


Shockingly… I am a chick. No harm, no foul. :rofl::wink:


Welll its been a while since I did that…figured it was time :joy:



You aren’t the first to have a free ELR gender-reassignment. :slight_smile:


And undoubtedly …won’t be the last…


i got one one yesterday… though i need to wick it better… i have some licking when filling it… after that works perfectly… but this tank is a monster of taste and vapor :slight_smile:


I always seem to get lucky with the wicking, I still use mine regularly it’s a great tank :wink: thanks for the feedback much appreciated :wink:


problem fixed :slight_smile: it was my fault…thought to make wicking slightly lighter because of the 90/10 juice (used from The Pharaoh), today i wicked it 100% normaly as i would with any other thinner juice, already vaped a tank and refilled and Not a single drop came out, thank you very much :slight_smile: did i said it? this one is a beast in flavor and vapor :slight_smile:

b.t.w. since you have it more time than me, do you suggest 2,5mm ID on coils or 3mm?


Oh 3mm is fine, I think I have 3.5 in mine actually, It’s been a while I can’t quite remember but I rarely go less than 3.5mm if I can help it :wink:


thank you sir :slight_smile:


Wao! This RTA is one of the best I have tried. Airflow, flavor, it is just great.

I received it on Saturday. Tried on right away with kanthal 24g, 2.5, 7 wraps. It was good but had an annoying leak. Tried again after some recommendations with 3.0 instead and worked with a nice and tight wicking. No leaking and much more flavor. I hope I can recreate that wicking everytime :scream:

It is hungry for juice I have to say. Kind of a dripper in terms of refill frequency :rofl: I think I have used about 60ml of Sucker Punch in less than two days. And taste great!

If anyone that have tried this RTA have others better than this I will appreciate your recommendations.