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Purilum Tasting Notes


Thanks Amy. :cry:


what this thread is making me hungry haha i’m just kidden with ya.


Yes make this. OMG MAKE THIS. So damn good.


Meant for OP, sorry.


Off the top of my head since it’s hard to get stuff to stay up on thepointy thing. lol. and since I’m one of the group that does the sample tasting. But my tastebuds just don’t like nut flavors so per my wife it is rich and creamy in a stand alone. I was suggested that maybe it be combined with a little brown sugar, marshmallow, vanilla custard and a touch of either brandy or bourbon.


Hey everyone. Just recieved my order from Nicotine river. Hoping to get some info on starting percentages for the Purilum line
I recieved
Vanilla Custard
Bavarian cream
Newyork cheesecake
Cheesecake graham
Yellow cake
Any experiences with these flavors and %s is greatly appreciated @daath @JoJo @Amy2 @SthrnMixer


Would love to help but I don’t have any of those :frowning:


Looking forward to hearing YOUR thoughts, @mixologist13 . :slight_smile:


I wish you well I haven’t tried any. I hear tell there’s some beta testers out there maybe they’ll reveal themselves and help you out good luck ! ( You know who y’all are :wink: )

And DITTO @Alisa’s comment !


When I helped with the test I mixed all at 3% All of the flavors you got are awesome


Between black friday and all the holiday sales i am swamped with untested flavors but know it is always wise to diSF testing first. I still have 30+ NicVape flavors to test. Hoping to rattle these 7 off list right away. %s are shot in the dark tho. Btw the newyork cheesecake smells amazing much cleaner than Caps version


I already mixed the VC at 3% on a hunch it was a good starting point. Thank you. I may go 6 or 7% on the watermelon tho


Yes the NY Cheesecake is the best and you can vape it in 5 days
ALL of the fruits are strong I would go 3% but the watermelon is awesome


got er done.

Purilium SF testers all 1.5MG 75/25 VG PG
6% Yellow cake,
3% VC,
3% Bavarian Cream,
3% Newyork Cheesecake,
3% Cheesecake Graham,
1.5% Cereal,
7% Watermelon

Felt like 6% Yellow cake would be okay as it smells really clean. Tasted. Good already, Caps YC improved with steep so have to wait now
3% VC. Tasted. Rough around the edges, nowhere near as ugghh as Cap V1 unsteeped tho
3% Bavarian cream. Tasted. Delicious. Cant wait till she steeps
3% Newyork Cheesecake. Yowsers. Good stuff already. Has hint of " sour" cheesecake flavor as a cheesecake should were all others have missed this aspect. Time to steep er. Only RF cheesecake captures this “sour” aspect but i feel RF version was flat in comparison
3% Cheesecake Graham. Tasted. Decent. Tastes like Caps version minus the yuck. Graham aspect is “clean” even freshly mixed.
1.5% Cereal. went low %, smelled stronger than the rest, shmeh. Kind of grainy somewhat buttery. Stashed away for next week
7% Watermelon. Yum. Tastes similiar to Delosi, somewhat real watermelon with nice “pink?” note


Nice. I just ordered some flavors to my expanding library and will let you all know my results as well. They will be here tomorrow. I cannot wait.


Now if you want a real treat mix 4% NY Cheesecake … 3% Cheesecake graham and .5% to 1% of their Gummy Candy :+1: I call it Gummy Cheesecake … LOL ( the Gummy Candy is strong but GOOD )
I have also tried it with the watermelon at .5 to 1% it was the Best Watermelon Cheesecake I ever had … LOL


If any of you have questions in regards to Purilum we are always here to answer! :slight_smile:


I just mixed some Strawberry Biscuit, Strawberry Biscuit with Cream Dream, and some Nilla Milk Wafer with Banana. Cannot wait for the results.


Nilla milk wafer? Didnt see that one fakkk. It is a purilum flavoring?


Yes. Smells a bit off at first. But mixed with FW Banana smells so divine. Nana Milkshake, baby!!!