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Purilum Tasting Notes


So Strawberry Biscuit is divine. I cannot get over it. It tastes exactly like a Biscuit with strawberries. Damn good.


Biscuit like british style or biscuit american type? I decided against those that were on the website pre release of the purilium line. Back when they were called River flavors they were said to be mere mixes of existing brands of concentrates. The Purilum however my understanding is that they are developed from scratch for NicRiver. Please correct me if im wrong. Ps kicking myself for not getting that Mango looking flavor forget what they called it.


LOL … now add .5 of golden butter like @ozo does YUM


The American version. So damn good. I cannot get over it. I am in flavor shock right now. It just fits. I do not know how to describe it. It just fits so well together.


So I added some Cream Dream, Strawberry Biscuit, and some Nonna Cake. I think I have hit heaven and then some. It is just like biting into a strawberry shortcake. Too damn good.


Any suggestions for Nilla Wafers and Milk and the Condensed Milk. Im trying to hit a buttery Sugar Cookie and cream/milk and I got these 2 Purilum flavors to add to my list, but being they are so new there is not much of a starting point for them in a mix of flavors :frowning:


I have notes on most of the flavors in the flavor list side of elr. These were just my opinions and I am not an expert…please remember taste is subjective.


Aroma: Med strength watermelon. Bubbllicious bubblegum. 7% At a 6 day steep. Juicy artificial watermelon. This tastes just like the Jolly Rancher Candy, just not quite as strong. I think it will be spot on at a slightly higher percentage. This is also going to be delicious with the Jelly Candy. Very close to the Bubblicious gum as well if there is a bubblegum flavor available to complete it. 9-11% SF. 2-6% in a blend.

Compared to Lorann’s, which is my favorite watermelon candy, this beats it hands down. NRF is much stronger and has that slight tangy bite in the background that is missing in Lorann’s, and is more complex over all. It also seems more juicy tasting. Would I buy this? Yes, I would get this over LA.

Vanilla Custard:

Aroma: Medium strength, vanilla, cream, pudding. 7% At a 6 day steep. Very yummy! Smooth creamy thick vanilla cream with a hint of butter in the back. Not getting any egg notes, more of a pudding like flavor and texture, and the vanilla is prominent without overpowering. Surprisingly good for such a short steep. 8-11% SF, 2-6% in blends.

Compared to CAP V1, which is my favorite. This is about equal in strength/percentage. NRF is not as rich and heavy, and doesn’t have the egginess and dark vanilla, in a good way. It is easy to become tired of CAP’s at times due to the richness, like eating too much dessert. NRF has a brighter more prominent vanilla creaminess. Compared to FLV, NRF is not as concentrated 4-6% vs 8-11%. NRF is slightly more vanilla prominent and creamy than FLV, similar in flavor profiles otherwise. FLV tastes a little more mild/watered down/milky rather than creamy. Would I buy this? Yes, I am a custard lover, and I can see myself using this quite often.

Bavarian Cream:

Aroma: Medium strength, warm cream, caramel, vanilla. 7% At a 19 day steep, flavor is almost non-existant. Very slight hint of slightly caramelized vanilla if you really concentrate. Seems kind of dry and not creamy. Will have to give it a longer steep and/or try a much higher percentage. At 19 days though it should be at least a little creamy and flavorful, so not promising.

Compared to LA, TFA, and FW: NRF is about a 10th the strength. Lacking flavor, creaminess and vanilla for me.


Aroma: Mild, grain, corn flakes or rice krispies. More flakes? 7% at a 7 weeks steep. This is one of the better cereals I’ve tasted. Mild naturally sweet corn flakes? Has the slight grain flavor without being dry. Noticeable full mouth feel, this has an authentic generic cereal flavor, and has avoided the sandy over done oat flavor I usually get from most flavors. 7-9% for SF, 2-6% for blends.

NY Cheesecake:

Aroma: Medium strength, sour cheese, graham cracker, hint of vanilla. 7% At a 5 day steep. It’s so yummy. Nothing like any other brands, and in a good way. I swear I’m tasting coconut and graham cracker? Vanilla stands out along with thick cream. None of that sour feet yuck, not a hint. As of now I’m not really getting cheesecake either though, more like a velvety buttery cream coconut cream with graham crust. I am sure that will change with a longer steep as it’s only been 5 days. Really surprised at how creamy it is in such a short time.

Compare to CAP NY Cheesecake, not sure I can. CAP has a tangy/sour, very lightly sweetened thick creaminess with a dryness to it. At this point I wouldn’t even describe NRF as cheesecake. I would call it coconut cream pie w/graham crust. But I love it! Would I buy it…Yes, repeatedly. It’s a very unique flavor that doesn’t have anything similar from other manufacturers that I’m aware of. Will update after steep.

The hint of coconut steeped out. It seems it was the note I was getting from the graham cracker at first, mellowed with time.

Cheesecake Graham:

Aroma: Medium strength, creamy vanilla, graham cracker dominant. 7% at a 7 week steep. Very very good. Graham crust is very dominant and great strength, and it tastes like the crackers moistened with a creamy butteriness. I’m not getting a lot of cheesecake itself, but it’s the best graham crust I’ve tried, with the sweet buttery moistness that has been missing in other brands. I am also getting notes of creamy coconut very similar to Purilum’s NY Cheesecake. This is going to be a very popularly used flavor for me. Some people may find the coconut is too prominent, especially if they don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for the intended flavor profile. Less noticeable at lower percentages. Very good at 7% for SF, 1.5-4% in blends. The coconut flavor did steep out, it was the intensity of the graham cracker and it did mellow.

Compared to CAP Cheesecake Graham, this is much much better. Not as creamy as Caps, but actually tastes like a real buttery graham crust itself.

Yellow Cake:

Aroma: Medium strength, cake, caramel, brown sugar? 7% At a 19 day steep, this has a good flavor of yellow cake with a slight hint of brown sugar in the back? It has no discernable mouth feel or density, and is very weak though. Based on the flavor weakness at 7%, I think this would have to be in the 15-20% range for a SF, and it’s so delicate I think it will be lost completely in mixes. Needs improvement.

Compared to the well known FW, unfortunately I believe it will lose. It’s missing that buttery thick mouth feel and complexity that FW offers. FW also has a much stronger flavor of I think it’s caramel in the background, and great overall flavor strength. NRF at 7% is comparable in strength to what I get with only 1-2% of FW.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


What percentage do you start at with these? I need to get some SF testers going here. Would you mind sharing your recipe with the Nonna’s added? Pretty please?

Nilla Wafer and Milk:

Aroma: Med Strength vanilla, milk, cracker? 7% at a 7 week steep. Vanilla Malted Milk is what I taste. Definitely getting the milk from this with a vanilla malt back note. I’m not getting vanilla wafer from it at this percentage, but I am getting a slightly sweet mildly creamy milk with a very very mild cookie dipped in milk, with the fullness in the mouth feel as well. Also similar to the milk left in the bowl after eating cereal. I will have to try this out at a higher percentage to see if the Vanilla Wafer flavor comes out more. Very interesting malty flavor that I think will be very versatile in adding different things to a recipe depending on what you mix it with. This is not a SF for me, probably 1.5-6% in blends.

Condensed Milk:

Aroma: Faint milky cream, sugar. 7% at a 7 week steep. This tastes like a sweet dense thick cream. Great mouth feel, cream flavor is more prominent than milk. I would describe it as moderately sweet cream on steroids. It’s very close, but missing the richness and extreme sweetness of Condensed Milk. This will be a really versatile flavor that will pair well with almost any flavor. 2-6% in blends.


You are a flavor testing work horse! I’m sure others feel the same way but I just have to thank you for all the time you spend evaluating all kinds of flavors and sharing your findings. Sadly my life is far to full for anything remotely like this. Hat’s off to you me lady!


Thank you, @JoJo and @MysticRose for your testing notes in the flavoring database! They will be most helpful to folk. I will do the same, once I receive some flavorings and had time to test them.

Everyone - PLEASE take a few minutes and put your notes in the flavor database on ELR. Thank you.


With the Nonna Cake I did about 2%, Cream Dream 2% and the Strawberry Biscuit about 5-6%. I wanted to have hints of cake and more of the Biscuit. I am giving it a long steep time to test the flavors. First impressions are very very promising.

Edit: I like a bold, bold flavor. I over do it on flavors. Try half the percentages and you might find it enjoyable.


One other piece of information that would be VERY helpful to us is to know what type of device is being used to test with… RDA? Tank? What resistance and wattage/temp are you using PLEASE.


I am using the Wotofo Troll V2 22mm. 45-50 Watts with dual Kanthal claptons oHming at .37. My favorite at the moment with my Avacado 24 same build.


Velocity V2 with dual 316L SS Alien claptons 0.20ohm NO WICKING just bare coils
Kanger DripBox160 at 50W wattage mode As a ‘dripper’ not a ‘squonker’


hey nicotine river. I 1st want to say you are an awesome company and love ordering from you. my question is about purilum condensed milk. I’ve used it as a cream at 2% and it worked well. How high should I go to get a condensed milk flavor? I’ve tested up to 4% and it’s nothing like condensed milk. any suggestions?


Can you show a recipe that you have specific needs for?
My experience with Condensed Milk (PUR) has not been with a usage as a cream,
nor have I needed to ‘age’ it as a cream, but to use it as a thin milk for smoothness.
Like a strawberry, I never use just one. I use it with other milks and creams.
Make sense?


makes sense. my end goal with condensed milk is a Vietnamese coffee vape.
for anyone whose never tried one it’s made from robusta coffee beans which
are very bitter with a high caffeine content. it’s dripped directly into
condensed milk using a Vietnamese phin. This was the reason I purchased
condensed milk(was kinda hoping to make this vape simple with just 2 or 3
flavors). I’ve SF tested this up to 4% but all I taste is strong cream with
a hint of sweetness. I can mix multiple dairy flavors with sweetner to get
the taste and mouthfeel of condensed milk, but am hopeful that @ the right
% this flavor could do the trick. Thanks ozo for your response. this is my
1st post so let me say hello to everyone👋


Hi and welcome to our home @heatho72 Kick off your shoes and stay a while :balloon:


thanks Underanne.:grinning:


Ozo took the words out of our mouths. Condensed Milk for Purilum is perfect for smoothness instead of having that heavy flavor that FlavourArt might have. We noticed that Condensed Milk by FlavourArt could become overpowering at times and thought the smoother more delicate Condensed Milk approach would be better since it’s more universal to work with. :slight_smile: We will be releasing more creams in the future that will hopefully be able to help you with your creamy endeavor!