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Purilum Tasting Notes


Has this been removed (OOS), or discontinued, or renamed?

Here’s this enticing review, and no sign of the product on a search of your website!
What a shame.


Oh sh*t. It was discontinued due to not being able get the components needed. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to tease. I will go find and delete it :frowning:

EDIT: I edited that one. I really am sorry, that was my fault.


Well, I know I won’t be ordering their yellow cake, given the description you gave Simply Cake.

I was really hoping they trashed the YC you described, and are actually selling Simply Cake post-rename! (hence my question).
Given you say it’s an ingredients problem… I can only say: see the pic above again



I know, I’m hoarding the little I have left for special occasions.

However, I did notice that the yellow cake got good reviews on the website, so it may very well be a good flavor that just didn’t hit me good? Remember the subjective thing. Maybe their reviews will give a better over all picture of the true flavor than just mine? Or it might just suck…lol. Who knows? I hate subjectivity!


Well pooh. Now your Yellow Cake review is gone too! >< (even missing from in the drop-down from my quoted section). I’m sticking with FW yellow cake (as per your notes on Pur.YC) because I agree with your assessment of FW YC. =p

Anyways. No need to feel bad (or add the disclaimers about subjectivity), as you’re honestly not costing them a sale. I was highly unlikely to have tried it in the first place. Besides, I added more flavors to my NR wishlist than I otherwise would have thanks to your notes. So Grant would be a fool to get mad at you for posting honest opinions and Grant’s proven time and again, he’s no fool by how he handles his business and customer service! At least in my opinion.

I’m just hoping (and waiting) for things to “normalize” on the price-points and percentage fronts (again, hopefully) before I really dive in. Or at least more reviews come in. As right now, from initial reports (not just you), things seem a bit high for my current perception.

I don’t think anyone expects a newly introduced line of flavoring to be bug free. So, while I’m excited, I’m going to be more patient this time.


Here it is. There is a break in alphabetical order after yellow cake. I grouped them by equipment used in testing, so the flavors start back at B at the beginning of the staircase coil. Just made it easier and less repetitive to list it once instead of every flavor.


Thank you so much for your amazingly informative and descriptive tasting notes! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: You really do write the best ones I have read! Many of the more complex flavors I have are hard to figure out what certain flavor notes I taste, until I read your notes. They are always spot on descriptions of what I am tasting!

I am vaping the Tropical Blend almost every day at 7%. It tastes like a wonderfully crafted recipe to me! The layers of fruit flavors are perfect, but I have a hard time distinguishing them. All I taste is sunshiny delicious fruits that were all put in a blender.

I noticed that in the first few days, and especially as a SnV there is a delightful banana flavor that seems to fade after a few days. So far anything else I have tried to add to it just ruins it, except a bit of the different banana flavors I have tried. So far FA is closest to the original banana taste. After that taste has faded away, I add a few drops of premixed banana to my tank.

I bought this on a whim at the Memorial Day sale, not knowing how it would be. But next time I am going to need a bigger bottle because this is the flavor/recipe I have been looking for since I started mixing! I love it as an ADV.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and sharing your information!


Hehe because I can’t compete with @MysticRose, as her flavor reviews are what everyone should aim for. I’m updating my thread ^^^^^ all the flavors in one post (until I reach the limit) for easier reading…

Cookie (PUR) 6% (8-6-17) – 2 weeks of steeping revealed this one to be an interesting flavor. Wasn’t what I was expecting. Not like CAP Sugar Cookie, or FA Cookie, but biscotti like ? Not sure. Leaned more towards the FA Cookie while being somewhat drier but sweet. On the exhale it really didn’t kick in the buttery cookie-ness that I was expecting. Plenty strong and even @ 6%. Not getting a lot of butter in it (which is what I typically want with a cookie). Perhaps this is just a different type of cookie. For me (big CAP Sugar Cookie fan) it wasn’t what I wanted in a cookie. Something on the exhale that I wasn’t a fan of, the sweetener maybe ? Maybe for layering cookie bases perhaps. Feeling O.K. @ 3.5/10 for this.


your reviews are perfect , its nice to see different opinions , i like reading as many as possible that way you t get different points of view , usually you see something a little different in each persons review , for me i want to see what things are the same …


I keep saying, it’s not a competition and everyone’s opinions are important. I agree with Fidalgo, your reviews are great. We all have subjective tastes and we all taste things differently. I follow your reviews and they help me a lot. They help me with looking for different flavor notes I missed, and the different notes added with other percentages. We all need multiple opinions from multiple sources to get a true idea of flavor profiles.

Please don’t stop, you are doing great!


What @MysticRose said… I would much rather read someone’s comments or reviews that are actually telling me (and others) what they think and not trying to create comments because they are trying to sound fancy or important.
If your the type of person that breaks down things into a complete list of likes or dislikes and percentages and tastes like this during the inhale and that on the exhale… that’s nice, but if your the type of person that tosses a one or two line comment because you do or don’t like something (as long as you say “why”) that’s also good.


What a huge amount of work. I be all like…


thank you for saying that it what i was trying to say but couldnt find the right way to put it lol


Going to drop my tasting notes on the newest flavors so I can update my stash without losing them completely, Please forgive me junking things up again :frowning:

All testing was:
Percentage Used: 6%
Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.
PG/VG: 30/70

Watermelon Cotton Candy

Steep Time: 5 Days and 2 Weeks

Aroma: Cotton candy floss, artificial/candy watermelon, sugar.

Flavor Description: Not surprisingly, this is very sweet. I am getting the spun sugar flavor, it’s a mild and somewhat delicate flavor. Very sweet and sugary, with a very light artificial candy like watermelon in the back. It’s actually balanced very well in that the watermelon is there yet the cotton candy is still dominant. The only thing throwing me off is it has an unpleasant off note, like a floral/perfume? It’s not offensive, but definitely out of place. The floral note did steep off sometime between 5 days to 2 weeks.

Off Flavors: Floral/perfume until steeped 2 weeks or so.

Throat Hit: 1/10

Pairings: Sweetener for watermelon, accent fruit candies, gum? This is kind of limited to a single flavor mix for the most part.

Notes: I will like it a lot as a one shot if that floral note steeps out and I can mix it at a higher percentage to give it heavier flavor without it going too sweet or perfumy. I’m thinking 8-10% for a single flavor, providing the perfume note steeps out and it doesn’t get too sugary, will need further testing. Otherwise I would probably only use it in trying to make candy or gum. The floral note did steep out. Still seeing stand alone flavor, candy or gum, or sweetening for this one. Very authentic flavor!

Vanilla Nut Brittle

Steep Time: 9 Days

Aroma: Caramel, brown sugar, butter, nuts.

Flavor Description: Sweet and rich brown sugar caramel or toffee is right up front. It’s not like caramel candy, definitely more brittle hard candy. Pretty equally balanced with the candy is toasted nuts, not raw, I think peanuts but I’m not positive. Maybe a nut mix. Back notes of butter a darker vanilla, similar to bourbon vanilla.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 3/10

Pairings: Cookies, cakes, creams, custards, nuts, tobaccos, danishes, coconut, doughnuts, chocolate, coffee.

Notes: Moderate strength at 6%. I’m thinking for a full flavored brittle I’ll push it to 7-9% for single flavor. Probably 1.5-4% in mixes. It’s a well layered complete flavor. This is making me want a vanilla cupcake with mocha frosting sprinkled with vanilla nut brittle. Yummy.

Papaya Mango

Steep Time: 5 Days and 2 Weeks

Aroma: Fresh papaya, fruity gum. Hint of mango? Tropical fruits.

Flavor Description: Tropical fruit gum? If it wasn’t labeled mango papaya, I would just describe it as tropical gum. When looking for it I do get hints of mango and papaya, but it just blends into a fruity gum. Has a noticeable throat hit at 5 days. At 2 weeks both the papaya and mango has matured into an authentic fresh fruit. It is still gum. The throat hit has calmed slightly, but it’s still a bit harsh.

Off Flavors: Gum

Throat Hit: 4/10

Pairings: Coconut, melons, other tropical fruits. Cake, pastry?

Notes: Although the fruits are authentic and good, the gum really throws this one off. Probably 6-8% for a single flavor, maybe 1-2.5%.


Part 2
Going to drop my tasting notes on the newest flavors so I can update my stash without losing them completely, Please forgive me junking things up again :frowning:

All testing was:
Percentage Used: 6%
Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.
PG/VG: 30/70


Steep Time: 5 Days

Aroma: Slightly artificial kiwi, tang, sweet.

Flavor Description: This is pretty artificial tasting kiwi. Sweet and juicy, with a very very faint tang. This seems like a kiwi candy versus the fresh fruit. It needs less sweet and more tang.

Off Flavors: Candy?

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Strawberry, pear, melons, tropical fruits, coconut. Candy or fruit gum.

Notes: This is pretty full flavored at this strength for a single flavor. Could maybe push it to 7-8% if you like a strong flavor. Probably 1-2.5% in mixes.

Acai Berry

Steep Time: 5 Days

Aroma: Dark berries. A strange musk type smell. I’m assuming that is acai berry?

Flavor Description: I’ve never tried acai berry, so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to taste. Sweet refreshing and complex dark berry, similar to a juicier version of a wild huckleberry to me. Has a hint of a musky smell and taste, very unique to anything I’ve tried before.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Almost any fruit, especially other berries. Cookies, cakes, muffins, creams, doughnuts, danish, fruit smoothies or drinks.

Notes: Recommend 6-8% for a single flavor, maybe 2-4% in mixes. I love huckleberries and plan on playing around with this one quite a bit.

Grape Soda

Steep Time: 9 Days

Aroma: Artificial grape, sugar, sweet tart candy?

Flavor Description: Very authentic grape soda. Overly sweet, verging on grape candy like nerds but stops before getting that sweet tart chalkiness. No carbonation of course, but due to the nature of grape soda it doesn’t have that emptiness that is prominent with flat soda.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Creams, vanillas, candy, tart and sour additives. Wine or champagne for carbonation if it really works?

Notes: Excellent base for a grape cream soda. Would be great with some fizz if anyone know the secret to simulating carbonation. Some people say wine or champagne flavors add that, but I haven’t tried. Medium strength at 6%, I would recommend upping it to 8-9% for a single flavor or 4-6% in mixes to get that punch of flavor normally present with grape soda.

EDIT: missed a flavor.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Percentage Used: 4%

Steep Time: 3 and 10 Days

Aroma: Sweet cream, vanilla, hints of Butryic Acid.

Flavor Description: Moderately sweet, prominent bright vanilla. I’m getting the cream, but not ice cream. Needs a longer steep. The vanilla bean hasn’t developed and it’s a sweet vanilla whole milk or ice cream base. No creaminess present nor noticeable mouth feel. Needs time.

10 Days: The sweetness level is about the same. The vanilla bean flavor itself has developed and lost a little of that overly bright flavor. It has moved beyond the vanilla milk into a definite ice cream base. The flavor is VBIC without a doubt, but there is still very little creaminess and no body to speak of. Flavor is comparable to other brands, but texture is lacking and therefore not comparable for me. I could probably add other creams to it to develop the mouth feel more, but honestly I wouldn’t go to the trouble when I already have others brands that are already balanced.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 1/10

Pairings: Almost any fruit. Cookies, cakes, cereal, creams, custards, nuts, tobaccos. Anywhere you are looking for vanilla with a very light cream.

Notes: Although the flavor on this compares well with other brands, it is lacking the richness, depth, and density. It would not be my first choice.


Nilla Wafer with Milk (PUR) 6% (8-7-17) – 2 weeks of waiting because I love nilla wafers. Sadly don’t think I’ll even be finishing the 3ml tester tank of this one. I have no clue what this is. Almost like an odd sugar cookie with some other strange notes maybe ? If I focus VERY hard, maybe I can make out an attempt at nilla wafers, but it’s just not there for me. Maybe getting some kind of condensed milk in there, but hard to tell as this is a hodgepodge of “not so good” for me. Maybe it’ll work for you, but for me, it was a waste of cotton. 1.5/10.


Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal (PUR) 6% (8-7-17) – Having grown up with Frakenberry cereal had a hard time waiting 2 weeks for this one, as it smelled very promising in the bottle. After waiting, was pleasantly surprised to find this was almost exactly Frankenberry cereal. For those that don’t know, it was an artificially flavored strawberry marshmallow cereal. Don’t get any “cereal” notes, but that’s just fine as the strawberry marshmallow and a hint of milk/creme are all over this mix. Even mix, sweeteness is good, and the strawberry w./ a smidge of milk is all very good. Now typically when I hear “artificial” I run for the door. It’s NOT in a bad way in this one, and works perfectly. It’s so good to my pallete that I cannot go less than 10/10.


@CallMeTut But I AM fancy and important !!!



lol… took that comment personal did ya… lol


That must mean I’m fancy then! I know I have at least a few that mention inhale and exhale…

Finally, I have always wanted to be fancy and important!!!

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