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Purilum Tasting Notes


I should of clarified that a bit more… I meant people who review things that “try” and be fancy dancy that are out of their element when doing so. I think ya both would look good in heels :stuck_out_tongue:


Shhhhhh, I’m enjoying my ball while sweeping across the floor in my designer gown…geez, good way to ruin a fantasy.

Although I am wearing socks and no heels…can’t stand the torture device. Although the length of my gown hides that :wink:

Now back to my prince charming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s one of my all time favorite purilum flavors!!


Acai Berry :

Candy Berry flavor. The acai darkens this mix up a little bit. Its a little flat and could benefit from some brighter berries. Not a good single flavor but would be nice in berry mixes.

Grape Soda :

This flavor is perfect. I even get the carbonation effect. At 6% this is everything that I could ever want in a grape soda flavor.


Candy kiwi. Not very realistic. Nice flavor, No offensive notes, but needs backup. Not a standalone flavor.

Vanilla Nut Brittle:

I can’t pinpoint a specific nut, more of just a nut mix. Lightly creamy. Vanilla comes through more than anything else. Not getting much of the toffee/brittle flavor. (Tastes like it needs diketones… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Watermelon Cotton Candy:

A-maz-ing. I love this, my husband loves this. The cotton candy is spot on like taking an actual bite, the watermelon is candy-like, but perfect in this blend. Absolutely wonderful as a single flavor at 6%.

Papaya Mango:

Fresh and bright, I get more mango than papaya, but the papaya is lush. I often get an off flavor from papaya that I’m happy to say is not in this! Pairs well with Tropical Blend.

Tropical Blend:

Main notes are pineapple and coconut. Lighter notes of juicy tropical fruits that I can’t quite put my finger on. You could easily coax out probably any tropical fruit by pairing it with another flavor.


I just made 30 mls each of Papaya Mango and Tropical Blend the other day. Maybe I’ll turn the two into a 60 ml mix.


I love those two together!!


Lucky Lephrecan (PUR) 6% (8-9-17) – 2 week steep to see if this would be any different than the other “Lucky Charms” cereals I’ve tried. Basically, it was right about the rest. Not terrible, not great, just average. Some are all punchy high notes, some are all low grainy notes, but I’ve never found one that does it all. This one’s in the ballpark, and surely could be a starting point for a lucky charms mix, but it just seems to be missing something, maybe the high end punch, not sure. Great cereal base with sweetness and some mallow. It seems to have nailed the cereal part pretty good, some grains but not overly so, the the really sweet marshmallow high end punch is missing. Not bad at all, just not IT. Because I’ve never found a single SF cereal flavor that did everything right, hard to fault this more than the others. Leveraging it @ 6.5/10.


Butter Pecan (PUR) 6% (8-12-17) – 2 week steep just to see how it would hold up against FW BP. Overall the mix was very even, but simply just average. Not terrible, not great, just average. Maybe use as a layering profile, but don’t think it could carry BC on it’s own. Middle of the road, puts it in as a 5/10.


Thanks for these tasting notes SessionDrummer. Have you ever just picked out the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal and just ate a full bowl of the dry marshmallows?

Would you say that this flavor is like that with just Strawberry Marshmallows? If so, I’m game! Also, for a single flavor mix would around… say 9% be pushing it or just right?


I taste cereal in it, not just marshmallows. Lucky charms type grain. 9% would probably be pushing it, I personally like it as a single flavor at 5.5%.


Thank you @VapeyMama - Lucky Charms grain ✓ 9% pushing it ✓. I will purchase it and do a SF test at 5% and go from there. Thanks for the tip. My taste buds are not delicate - except for floral notes. I can taste those a mile away.


@Leilani, I think @VapeyMama ^^^^^ nailed it …


Vanilla Custard (PUR) 6% (8-13-17) – 2 week steep to see if I could add this to my VC obsession list. After 2 weeks @ 6% this one was like a Custard Brick To the FACE !!! Sadly NOT in a good way. I’m a VC junkie, so I do not say this lightly. NOW, I will re-test it lower than 6% to rule out too heavy of a mix. It seemed like that could be possible here, it was an overwhelmingly cloying tankful with my tester. VERY eggy/eggish much like INW VC but stronger egg. Even though eggy’ness isn’t my thing, it wouldn’t have made this a deal breaker. Had an almost harsh aftertaste on the exhale. It was very sweet/strong @ 6%, like a stronger eggy’ier cousin to the INW. Because of the very sweet, heavy eggy, strange note on exhale wasn’t able to finish the 3ml tester on this one. Not a good score for me @ 6%. I have to go 2/10, but will RE-test at a lower rate and add that to this review.


@MysticRose I’m looking at your reviews. Well done! I’m just now getting some (PUR) flavors. Thank you for the great reviews!!


I need to try that!!


Butter Cream (PUR) 6% (8-18-17) – 2 weeks + steep. Haven’t vaped a Butter Cream before, didn’t know what to expect. Creamy, somewhat sweet, and at first seemed to have a bit of condensed milk-ish flavor to it, but faded as continued testing. Fairly sure the Purilum is Diketone free so didn’t expect the typical buttery-ness that comes with it, but even without wasn’t bad at all. Somewhat sweet and full on the inhale, and the buttery factor kicked in on the exhale. Def. not a CAP Golden Butter, but if indeed it’s dik free, not a bad trade off. Could def. see this as a good mixer. Due to my buttery dik addiction I feel good leaving this at 7.5/10.


Thanks for this SessionsDrummer. I bought ButterCream (PUR) awhile ago and it smelled great but never got around to SF testing it. I still have my Butter Cream (Cap) that I :heart: . Do you happen to notice a hint of any off notes like “cheese” at 6%?


Mmm I feel ya!


@Leilani I didn’t really get anything cheesy, but at first, I could have swore I tasted some condensed milk, that faded however. I didn’t get anything off putting, and beyond being a little light on the typical dik buttery-ness, no real bads in it.


Awesome. Thank you SessionsDrummer :+1:t5: