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Question about paraseries


I agree fully. What seems to be called battery “sag” today was considered “under load” in my day. The difference between the two perceptions is that somehow “sag” is “kinda relevant” where “under load” was the law. Some of these high powered mech builds are pretty risky. There’s only one way to know voltage under load and that is by measuring. I don’t think a lot of folks do that.


If you can shed light then by all means please do…


Again, I’m no authority, nor am I claiming such, nor pretending such.

But my line of thought is simply a cautionary one, based largely in part to the fact that not only does the average user not have have the tools, understanding, or training to know what to check with regards to battery properties, or how to check such parameters. But moreover, they (IMO) shouldn’t even be expected to perform such tasks, nor be put in the position to require such. And IMO, the fact that any manufacturers would toss out an unregulated (or minimally regulated) mech mod in a 2p2s configuration, borders on negligent. It’s in essence, putting all liability on the user, and the batteries selected.

Simply put, I feel there’s more inherent risk involved (than with a single battery, or series pair or parallel pair), because if one battery took more of the brunt of the draw while under load (due to having traits that could only be seen by test equipment) then if a situation materializes, you have not one, not two, but now four times the energy at hand to contend with, because if one vents, the immediate heat will be distributed in the contained environment first, and could drastically inflate the chance for the adjacent batteries to “go off” as well.

Again, just a repair tech. Not an engineer. Not a battery specialist. Some might think I’m overly cautious, others may not. But that’s where I’m coming from. I hope I’ve been clear enough to understand.

Not trying to play “know it all” because I damned sure don’t. I just know why I’m concerned. And that’s all I’m trying to express.


It is a borderline insanity these companies produce these devices , capable of 500 plus watts and don’t include anything that resembles a user’s guide.


This is a good point.

The parallel I have and the paraseries were both made by individuals.

The Hammer Of God is made by a company out of Virginia. @woftam is there anything in the users manual about what ohms to build on that mod?

Also a rather large company came out with a parallel but with a few safety features. Maybe it was IJoy. @Steampugs did a review. The users manual on that one did have a safety warning not to go below .1 ohms and I believe one of the safety features was a cut off at .08 ohms.


Yes mate it does say don’t build below .5 which I did do initially but wanted a little more from it. Just to add to that it also says don’t use it as a sex toy



yeah think it was the Dpro wasnt it??..


Yep, that’s the one. But Mjag did the review?


Is that the Dpro 133? I was looking at one of those but I am having Whiterose make me a dual parallel stab wood.


well…i wouldnt expect you to notice sweet cheeks :laughing: …tut


I was basing it off this


well…I did do both pictures…you are forgiven…this time…:joy: