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Question about paraseries


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Does this help?



While @TheTinMan ‘s’ has some electronics mine is a straight mech so it is a little different. My understanding is if you have 4 batteries in a paraseries then a .16 build will give you a 25 amp draw on each battery (50 amp overall draw with a little wiggle room) does that sound right?


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see if we can make more sense from this
a single batt box is limited to 80 watts since that safe to pull that amp from the battery.
a dual parallel will go higher since the amps are shared equally between the 2 batts but limited by the same 3.7(4,2) voltage=100 watts.
a dual series hits near 250 since it has double the voltage and amps of the lead and half of the 2nd to safely do this.


That sounds right according to the mod maker. He recommended .25 but told me a lot of people run .15. Well a lot of people are not up to date on battery safety and I can’t seem to get a solid answer on what is the safest way to use this box.

It does have a couple of electronics, dual mosfet, but that is about it. It still is a mech mod in all other aspects. So running a .25 build on a series mod is not my thing, nor is it safe IMO. But with a paraseries I think the amps add up and make it safer.


8.4v/.15ohm=56 amps, safe for my blood w/o whispering anything about pulse(SHHH)


A nice, smooth, warm 470 watt vape. Sounds good to me. I might be able to hit that 1.75 seconds opposed to the 1.5 second hits I am taking now. :joy:


Not afraid to do it but honestly lt seems a waste to me, more watts needs larger rda needs more juice(who provides all the juice? ohh yeah, me n/m) I am content w/ smaller chamber rdas, nice hitting mechs and enjoying the flavor over the clouds.


I actually have a 24mm Goon 1.5 on top in that pic.

Currently an Ally 30mm RDA is on top. But the build in it is .12, and frankly it frightens me.

70 amps, 588 watts. But as far as I know, that may be safe. I still think the answer to how many amps are available to me is still out there.


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First, with any parallel configuration you want to make sure all your batteries are matched. In theory parallel gives you double the rating. 1.5x is a safety factor, series doubles the voltage, so in principle paraseries would give you double the voltage AND double the current. For safety’s sake use 1.5x the current, but keep in mind its also very important that your cells are matched and rotated properly.


I’d stay not any less than .15 ohm coils on that but I think you are ok with the .12 ohm coil. Just make sure the batteries don’t get too hot on you. If your mod gets warmer than you find normal, take that coil out and build a little higher. This battery set up helps a lot with battery sag, that set up hits hard.


And battery sag is probably one of the things that keeps more people from blowing their face off. When the voltage drops, so does the amps. This paraseries would likely not fall off near as much so it’s probably even more important to remain within a safe operating resistance, yes? I find this all very interesting. And a bit intimidating.


I hadn’t thought of that at all. Sounds reasonable.

As far as warm batteries go or the way of getting hot, I haven’t experienced that. You can’t chain vape on this box with a low ohm build. At least I can’t. I do have the Ally in top, and I can’t chain vape that atty anyway. Too wet a vape.


As do I , One thing is for sure this “paraseries” setup would safely go lower than I will ever have a need to.
After seeing countless people give their “safe” limits the one thing I have found is mainly just be aware of your batteries temperature. I love my single cell mech squonks and I build lower than I should but I always monitor my batteries temps. Every expert seems to keep saying that the battery will heat up if you are stressing them and will get too hot to hold before they ever go into thermal runaway.
A very unscientific method for those of us that truly want/need to understand where /when the danger begins. I am beginning to think that perhaps there just isn’t a numerical cut off point where we can say that failure is certain.I had hoped once I understood Ohm’s law the rest was easy…
I agree interesting ,intimidating ,and I will add frustrating.


I’ll buy that for a dollar


Also, believe it or not, it allows you to build the ohms a little lower than single series battery set up. i run this set up myself when I use it at .08 ohms but do not recommend this for others. .15 ohm is pretty safe here with this, I push the limit on this when I’m vaping very high wattage.


What kind of box @TheTinMan, PWM?


And this right here is the largest part of why I really didn’t want to comment using specifics.

While “it’s easy” to do the math(s), the problem arises when you make assumptions, and think all batteries are identical (when they are not in reality) just because they share the same brand, label, and even chemical structure.

Just a simple change in capacitive reactance could shift the performance metrics (of both the overall performance of the circuit, as well as how any given cell in the array endures). And IMO is why proper load balancing/monitoring is required for such a configuration. JMHO though, and YMMV.