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Questions about bottles and labels


For bottles - Liquid barn has the HDPE plastic squeeze bottles at good prices.

As far as labels. You can use Microsoft Word and DIY at home.

  • Make approx. a 1.5 in High by 2.5 in Wide rectangle on Microsoft Word (You can fill it with any color you like).

  • Use your selected font and type your label | Print using standard printing paper
  1. Purchase self adhesive laminating sheets and laminate your labels (You can reuse your labels time and time again).
  • Place label on bottle and cover with clear packaging tape (Scotch is good)

Here’s an example of what I do at home.


@Leilani wow I absolutely love the labels!! Thanks for the info :blush: where do u get the labels from? Would u happen to have a link? I’m interested in doing this for my favorite juices


Thank you very much. No label paper for me. Just printed on bright white 8.5 x 11 printer paper that you can pick up anywhere (Walmart, Staples. Amazon, Office Max, etc.).

Then once they are printed, laminate them. :grinning:

If you decide to print on regular label paper (the ones with the sticky backs) be sure to laminate them also. Printing from home using a standard Ink jet printer will work. However the ink will still “bleed” if you drop e-juice or any type of fluid on it. That’s why I recommend using laminate sheets.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


Laminating is a neat idea for reuse…

I could write on the laminated ones with pen and just wipe it off again, jost like with the bottles.

Cool idea!


I am definitely giving this a try. I love the reusable labels for my favorite juices. I used to have a small laminator but it got Los in our recent move. I’ll have to pick up another one. Ty :blush:. Your labels look great!! Nice job there! I love the look.


Thank you again for the compliment. I would love to see them once you print them out.

You can pick up a small lamination machine for around $35 - $50. Higher end ones are much more. But, if your not mass producing labels and are simply utilizing them for your own personal use at home, the simple lamination sheets work great / inexpensive. Peel. Stick. Done. :star2:


I’ll add that if you have a Lakeshore Learning store (or a similar teacher supply store in your area) you can get very cheap lamination done. At Lakeshore it’s 29 cents per linear foot.


Oh thank you @VapeyMama. I’ve seen this store (about 20 minutes away from me) but I’ve never went in. This is very good to know.

I can use a teacher discount…