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Questions about bottles and labels


Hi all, where do you go to for the harder plastic type bottles mentioned here please? Looking for 100 x 20ml and 100 x 50ml light brown, child proof and tamper evident, with the pipette.

Also, do any of you find it cheaper / easier / better to get the plastic bottles separately to the tops?


Hi everybody, i couldn’t find the specific answer to my question searching the forum, and this looks like the thread for my inquiry, instead of starting a new one. Here goes:

Has anyone tested the difference of flavor results between LDPE, PET, and glass for doing single flavor test batches? I’m sure glass is the way to go for the most pure results, but has anyone noticed a discernable difference in flavor? Not concerned with whether or not the flavor leetches into the plastic, just actual results from first time tests.

I know I prefer whiskey in glass bottles over plastic for flavor reasons, so I’m assuming the same would apply here. I bought a dozen LDPE bottles for testing, but now might ditch them for glass. Im absolutely new to this and want to get it right. Thanks in advance!


I’ve noticed flavors fading faster in various types of plastic bottles than they do in glass. I don’t know for sure if the seal is just better on the glass or what, but it’s one of the reasons I’ve switched to (just about) all glass.


I’m fairly new too but for me I use the glass boston round bottles to store or steep my liquids if they are going to be in there for longer than 3-4 weeks.


I am too lazy for nice labels, and I reuse my bottles.

Sharpie and Isoprop to remove sharpie. Badaboom, lots of fuss saved ^^


Where do u get your bottles from?


I guess with certain kinds of plastic air can also get through the plastic. I can stand corrected though, don’t know where I read that.
Tasty Liquid doesn’t live long here, though ^^


@RobynRye are u using just a regular black sharpie? If so does it stay on?


The brand I use is specific to germany (or Europe?). It is called Edding, and is waterproof etc. But Alcohol gets pretty much everything off, even that stuff :slight_smile:


I’ll have to search amazon for it :blush: I’m gettin tired of the scotch tape


I’ve been super happy with Vivaplex bottles from amazon.

I also like these from amazon:

I’ll grab some links for you…


Yep, same here. And “Pretty” labels are work to get off too.

I think you can use about anything that writes on CDs or the like.


Vivaplex, 24, Green, 15 ml (1/2 oz) Glass Bottles, with Glass Eye Droppers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X18SCYM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_OcW9hOUgd7ovb

Combination Color Pack of 1oz Glass Eye Dropper Bottles (12-pack); 30ml Dropper Bottles in Color Fade w/ Green, Blue, Purple, and Red; Includes White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NH53BKX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_9yG2DovR4b7ir


Thank you :blush:


Np! Also just a heads up, Vivaplex has other sized bottles too (1oz, 2oz, and I think 4oz) on amazon, but the tops (all sizes) are not childproof in case that matters to you.


Thanks, that is reason enough to switch. I appreciate the input!


Thanks! I’m just doing single flavor tests, probably no more than a 1 week steep. I think I’ll switch to all glass and not look back. Give my unused plastic dropper bottles to my stepdaughter for crafts! No money wasted! Woohoo! (I am way too excited about this) :slight_smile: haha!


I’ve been getting these:

And using these to transfer flavors into. The droppers on them would NOT be good for storing mixed juice in though, the droppers have a bulb on the end. They work fine for ingredients but would be a pain if used to try and fill a tank with.


I’ve been using the same ones for transferring flavors into! I’ve mixed a few juices in them and yeah… Those bulb tips are a freaking PITA for filling tanks. SO messy.


Just for reference in case anyone is thinking about buying the ones @CallMeTut posted .