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Questions regarding stainless steel wire


I don’t even call it a shopping list anymore…just an on going open ticket


Need a roll of paper for my shopping list. :joy:
Just bit the bullet on the steam crave rda. The glass one.


Pffft, I was perfectly happy with my kanger evods/protanks and itaste VV/vamo setups. I could probably go a year without buying anything else if necessary (income dries up, FDA burns us, whatever).

Vapers need to be added to this list. I honestly don’t need any of the things on my vaping wishlist. If you aren’t smoking, you probably don’t either… S’all good. :wink:


That said, I still want All The Flavors.


12 hours after getting my 316L and I’m in love. What wonderful wire to work with. Increased surface area, malleability and ability pulse your coils make this a joy. Vapor production and flavor are dense and clean. My Cube X 2 arrives tomorrow and hopefully ( fingers crossed, upgrade, spend some money ) I’ll be able to check out TC as well. Very happy right now.


You should try a ss spaced coil better flavour again.
Really clean tasting ss isn’t it? :ok_hand:


I’m about to re-coil my Lemo 2, so that will be spaced. I’ve been vaping 3mm micro coils all morning in RDA’s.I’m a little nic’ed out right now though…Weeeeeeee :wink:


Anyone used SS304?

Am thinking of getting some for TC on the VTC mini and note it’s what Joyetech use to test with.


Because of the 2 post design, spaced SS coils work wonderfully on the Velocity RDA. It is an absolute joy!


304 is prone to rust.


You want to use spaced coils with TC anyway.


Do spaced coils raise or lower the resistance?
I’ve done tight coils for so long, and my vape calculator doesn’t take this into account.


It raises the resistance, but only slightly. For 28ga Ti, 8 wraps it is roughly .003 ohms per half a mm spacing. But resistance is not the problem. Contact coils tend to cause hot spots. Happens for me every time. If you’re using the steam-engine.org calculator for coils, no it doesn’t have options for spaced or contact coils. But if you use a DNA device and can input the information for a specific build, then the Wire Wizard on Steam Engine does have a place to select the spacing.


I could never get the steam engine app to work for me, vapers toolbox is a good one, but like I said, it doesn’t take spacing into account.
Thanks, I tend to prefer higher than lower.
And with spaced coils I won’t have to use my homemade jig. (Bonus)


You can very well treat Stainless like Kanthal when wrapping and prepping your coils. There should be no reason to wrap spaced coils using SS in TC mode. With Ti and Ni the reason you space coils is because of the problem of the wire creating shorts or " hot spots " within the coil, either melting or popping the coil. SS, because of it’s properties doesn’t suffer from these issues. Which is why I asked the questions I did too begin with. Which then spurred further investigation on my part. I appreciate you wanting to investigate this further with me, as my own research ( web based ) could be presumptively wrong. I do have a background in electronics and resistance, however I do not have a background in vaping with coils, measured by chipsets of dubious origins other than my own experience. ;))


I want so much for you to be right and me to be wrong about SS. I’ve tried contact coils and got major hotspots. Talk to me.


Work it with tweezers and pulsing around 10-15W til it fires evenly seems to work for me. Haven’t done a ton with stainless and TC tho, so my builds may have been crap and wouldn’t have worked if I wasn’t in watts mode.


Thank you Z. It’s late so I can’t really break into any of my dual build designs. But I’m going to give this a go tomorrow. Aside from the hot spots before I also found TC functionality all over the place with contact coils on SS. But I didn’t work them prior to using. Perhaps contact coils are ok with stainless if compressing and forming. If so I’m pulling out my old man card again :slight_smile:


I agree, I pulsed my coils around 9 or 10 Watts. Then pinched them and manipulated them into position They fire evenly and hold there shape and nominal resistance very well Once done, increasing the power ( wattage ) to the coils and dry burning them as contact coils resulted in a much closer wrap to resistance ratio than nickel or titanium


I don’t have a TC mod so I can’t speak for how it works with SS but I wrap both spaced and contact SS coils and vape them on my istick 100w, istick 50w and M80+ all without hot spots. I treat the SS coil as I would Kanthal coils and they work without issue. The spaced coils are fantastic on the Velocity because of the post spacing, but on three or four posts, I use contact coils. I coil, fire and brush lightly before wicking and they work perfectly.