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Questions regarding stainless steel wire


Here’s a build in my goon rda, fused claptons paralleled with a round wire and this ohm’ed out at 0.22, but there’s quite a bit of wire there so it still takes 70w’ish to get a good vape.
If that was a single coil, same spec’s, it would be twice the resistance and half the wattage to have a good vape (for me)
This set up give loads of flavour but like i said they will clog up quickly. IE:- 15-30ml of juice and you need to reburn and Rewick.

And here’s a fused clapton with a 44g wrap :nerd_face:

Any further help/questions, just ask. :wink:


You show off :grinning:


Nice work :ok_hand::wink:


Pattie, Volition, thank you for your replies! I’ve been messing with building for a while. I am in the states and in Indiana which is getting hyper-conservative against vaping. I went to RTAs and RDTAs around a year ago and have not looked back. I love being able to customize my vape based on build. Thank god for steam engine! I’ve tried everything from 22ga SS macros to 28ga Ti to 28ga SS tri-braid (my fingers are still sore from braiding:wink:
The other thing I forgot to mention is that most of my tanks are dual coil only. I’ve managed to vape my stock TF-RDTA at about 80 watts. I also am running the TF-RTA g2 with some fused 26ga SS316L with 32ga wrap. Comes in at around 0.17ohm but vapes like a champ…I guess the pros of having “pores and crevices” in the coils leads to the gunking…I had to ditch my tri-braid for that reason so I can understand that…So, in the end, are there really any advantages to twisting finer wires for a core?


Thanks brother. :+1:


Mainly in regards to achieving a certain resistance. It’s also less metal mass to have to heat up, then conversely less metal to put heat through the liquid. All pluses and minuses.


Yes I would say there are advantages to the more complex builds purely based on surface area. More surface area =more vapor production faster, and i find more flavour.
They do have their downsides, ie gunking up quicker and more power used ( simply the mass of the coils), but personally i think it’s worth it.
There is a lot to be said for a simple single wire too, ease of use etc…
but in the end it’s up to you.
As for the dual only option, you just have to use finer wires to get the ohm’s up so you can vape at your required wattage. :+1:


Is there any benefit to playing with coefficients? I’m terrible at math but I’m wondering if it’s useful with a regulated device, and the fact the option wouldn’t be available without a chip.

The clean “taste” of ss is great and they clean up nice, they seem to get crusty quicker than other types. The best flavor so far I’ve had was with a twisted strand I messed up that ended up looking like a twisted chain link. Good trade off if you don’t have room for spaced, I’ll have to figure how I managed to do it.


Check your coefficients with this it is perfect. Most mods (all smok mod for starters) the ss is set for 304 (.00105 ) if you are making your own coils out of 316 it makes a huge difference to the vape if you change it to .00092


I got a small brass brush at harbor freight for less than a dollar. It’s slightly larger than a tooth brush. For me it does a good job cleaning claptons and fused claptons.


You can also heat them to glowing, then dunk the coils into a shallow dish with water and repeat. The gunk just falls off and no damage to fine outer wrap wire.