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Questions regarding stainless steel wire


Or you can always just rebuild. It’s not that much more work. :slight_smile:


Yes…thanks bud! I couldn’t find it for some reason. You can thank me later for comparing you to Bo :slight_smile:

For me it’s not the work involved, it’s the lack of necessity. I’ve made Ti builds last more than 6 mos by cleaning. Helpful skills when the zombies take over :laughing:


Wowzers, 6 months sounds nuts (but impressive)!

I’m probably gonna be surprised as heck when my spool of stainless eventually runs out, but I’ve rebuilding at least 1 coil per week since I switched to it, and I feel like I’ve barely put a dent in the spool.


It is crazy the length of time the Titanium coils will last if needed with just a little maintenance.The @Pro_Vapes deep water coil build has saved me tons of cash as that was what finally got me off of the factory replacement coils.
Not to derail the topic of SS as I get very good life from them as well. I have been using 316L claptons with great results when I can’t use a low ohm build.I am going to try and use @SthrnMixer method of rebuilding my Smok G4 decks this weekend.I must admit I am not looking forward to building on that deck!:slight_smile:


I wish you best of luck. But if I can do it with my huge hands and terrible vision, I figure anyone can. Hint - install the bottom leg first. then the top. The top has a little lip next to the screw so make sure the wire is between the threads and that lip. Don’t stress too much trying to make the legs the perfect length. As long as you get the top and bottom legs in tightly, you can actually move the center point of the coil with your jig mandrel. Have fun!


Thanks for the tips @SthrnMixer ! [quote=“SthrnMixer, post:137, topic:34823”]
I got a few SMOK TF-RTA G4s and rather than “try” to make a smaller gauge Ti wire work in a quad coil setup I went with what I knew would work resistance wise, and that’s 26ga SS. I wouldn’t vape dual 26ga SS but in a quad…it’s splendid!

I can’t seem to find the details now of your build for the G4.Could you repeat your build specs here please. I found the 26ga. but not sure of the inner diameter , number of wraps , contact or spaced ?
Thank you!


Sure brotha, pretty sure I did 7 wraps, contact (strummed not crimped). ID is 2.5mm. Should clock in right around 0.11 ohms.


If it weren’t for the need to clean the Ti BEFORE building with it, I would agree with you.


You should clean all wire before using it.


With my SS I just put a few drops of PGA on a bit of paper towel, pinch the towel with my fingers, and pull the wire thru a few times. It’s quick, gets any machine oils off, and straightens the wire a bit.


I clean all wire types before i build, no matter what the wire, period. :yum:


And it’s all dirty to one degree or another isn’t it?


It is brother. Straight off the factory floor it’s never going to be clean, so why take the chance of containments when a simple clean before use will suffice. No brainer. :yum:


I use ss 316l 22awg + 32awg clapton wire great flavour massive clouds I have also used 20awg ss 430 lovely wire to work with resistance is a bit low though maybe go for 22awg if you are gonna try it


Is anyone buying their ss wire from sources not targeted at vaping?

Found this pretty cheap for a 330 feet


ss is fairly new to vaping and six months ago was difficult to find. When i first started using it you could not find it on " vaping sites" I said that to say the wire you found is the same. I would get the SS316L as apposed to the SS316 and that looks like a good price


That company is a trusted one and they got really good and clean wire. I have bought lot of my wire from them and always been satisfied and their customer service if something goes wrong is amazing.
I got a few spools crushed during shipping and they sent me new ones immediately, so :thumbsup: for them.


Not to jack the thread, but I am curious about something for all you wire wizards out there…is it better to twist/clapton higher gauge (smaller wire) and run parallel with a solid wire or just go bigger on cores? In other words, should I try 4 strands of twisted 40 ga stainless and then wrap two parallel wires of that with say 36 ga stainless versus just wrapping two strands of 26ga or 28ga core with the same 36ga wrap? Ideally, I’d love to create fused claptons that I can vape nicely around 60W as a couple of my mods are limited to 80W max…Any suggestions? I have 316L SS wire in 100’ spools ranging from 22ga to 38 ga…Thanks in advance for any advice.


I would suggest trying, for stainless steel, a 2x28g core wrapped with the 38g.
Ss is quite low in resistance anyway, but to try and keep the ohm’s up a bit, you need a thin core.
A single coil shouldn’t be too low but remember a dual will half the resistance.
I use a 27g x2 with a 40g wrap in kanthal and a dual coil with that (5-6 wraps, 2.5ID) ends up about 0.2 - 0.24 ohm. single coil is about 0.45 ohm.
I don’t really use twisted or parallels.
I will say that i have noticed that the finer the wrap wire on your claptons/fused claptons, the quicker it clogges up.
Hope this helps. :nerd_face:


Pattie is spot on!!

As usual its a balance if you are looking at claptoning. The finer the wrap the better it performs. E.G. quicker ramp up and ramp down which is a good thing. But as stated its more nooks for gunk! A plus in one aspect but a negative in another.

If you planning on making your own coils and wires it can be very rewarding and enjoyable process so changing and creating is not an issue for me anyway. I imagine for many though they will find it tedious and would rather concentrate on other things.

If you are interested in digging a bit deeper in building there are so many youtube videos to guide you.