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Quick Poll! MTL or DLH?


Yeppers! I do! :grinning: Thank you! And I'm glad I took your advice. When I'm not testing flavors I have it on my dovpo since I've got titanium coils on it atm and I put my crown on my mini. Both still DLH, though.


I went to my local vape shop the other night and they were cutting the tops off of 3 Aromamizers with a Dremel lol. I almost cried. But they turned out pretty good, and they said the wide bore drip tips were giving them much better vapes. I will be doing the same to mine soon. But not with a Dremel :wink:


You build Indy car parts and can't Dremel a $45 tank in the back of an LVS? You elitist! I'm going to go take a Wal-Mart hacksaw with the blade on backward to mine!


Dallara would be none to happy if they thought I was capable of wielding a hacksaw in such a manner. I meant to bring my Aromamizer to work with me today to cut it down. Went off and forgot it.


Mostly DLH with a Dna200 device and a Aromamizer ,Crius,or Griffin.At home I use the Wismec Noisy Cricket with a dripper.I am using the Bo'Sun or a Vortice clone as of late.
For MTL I will usually have a 7/22 mod with a Kanger Sub-Tank mini or a Provari with the Nautilis Mini.
I also used a lathe to modify the top cap on my Aromamizers.I can't tell any flavor difference but IMO it looks better!


cant vote for both?


Morning brother!

/slides over a cup of joe :wink:


Morning. Though its after noon now. I love me a nice hot, steaming cup of joe. Though I am a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee. :coffee: