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Quick Poll! MTL or DLH?


So, are you a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaper or do you do Direct Lung Hits (DLH)? We talk about it all the time, but thought it was time to get a feel for what the balance is in the community. No need for lengthy comments but if you vote please list your favorite mod, atty, build type in the comments.


  • Mouth to Lung
  • Direct Lung Hit


I DLH on a xCube 2 TF4V with SS TC coils. Migrating over to a DNA Reuleaux as main once I decide on an atty and build.

How do you vape? DL or MTL?

When I'm at home I mostly DLH, except when I'm not in my office - everywhere else, more or less, I MTL. I spend a lot of time in my office :wink:


Currently my favorite setup is the aromamizer on my evic mini. Dual ti coils at ~0.15ohms. :slightly_smiling:


It's probably a crime but a Nautilus mini on my Snowwolf 200


Plume Veil, Tugboat 2 or Goblin Mini. I use all three all day long on my mechs and eVic mini. For some reason i cannot mouth to lung, perhaps all those years of smoking giddy weed.


all those years of smoking weed should have given you good DTL practice! you cant MTL a bonghit!:joy:

edit: derp.... all those years or smoking myself have made my burnout self misread your post... disregard my stupidity loll


I dont think you misread it at all. :wink:


MTL all day, every day.


i initially read it as you only take MTL.... but i had the concept correct lol


Ahh, alrighty, hehe.


I love both.. MTL, especially in the morning- Nautilus mini on my MVP3, & soon with a Kayfun v4 (when FT sends me one that works!). Lovin DLH with my Billow v2 (.19 presently) on the RX200. also the Magma - cant forget that!


A little of column A, a little of column B.


DLH morning, noon and night :yum:

Arctic tank - 0.5ohm dual coil @ ~53W
Target tank - 0.4ohm Triton dual coil @ ~53W
Griffin RTA - ~0.4ohm Clapton 7 wrap dual coil @ ~55W


MTL all day. Even with the subohm setup. I like tasting the flavor on the way in and out. (That's what she said. Hahaha).


Can't vote, I do both :sweat_smile: I use a variety of coil builds and setups, sometimes mech with a Derringer 2mm ID single 6 wraps 0.4mm A1, sometimes dual 316L SS 2.5mm ID forgot how many wraps on the Treebox etc. So... hard to tell ya in short. :grin:


Never figured the ol' bong would have played a role, but now I get it! Must have done some damage to the synapses...


Depends on my rig. When dripping I lung inhale. When I have my old schools out its mouth to lung.


Me neither, first time someone gave me a cigalike to try out I automatically took a lung hit, I've tried to do MTL but it just doesn't work for me no matter what tank I'm using.


I do both also. MTL in the am then DL for the rest of the day.
Coils ranging from 1.5 ohm kanthal to 0.06 ti


Haha, I knew you would love that tank. I do DLH on everything. I change up tanks daily, but my goto is my TFV4 with the quad coil on my Sigelei 150 at work. At home all my tanks are dual Ti builds on my iPV 3 Li with the Aromamizer or Velocity, the Goblin on the iPV D2, or the Crown with the iPV D3.