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Raspberry lemonade help!


Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me with a nice juicy raspberry lemonade thanks.


what flavors are you trying to use ? have you entered your flavors in the Flavor Stash ?


Lemonade I have are from tfa/Loran/ and fw and the raspberry is from tfa and capella and I have all my flavours in my stash but the recipes that come up don’t really shout out at me.


all i could do is give you an example of what i have enjoyed lately its called Limonada Roja but its all flv flavors …only bc i havent used any of those particular flavors


Yea that’s cool bro I probably got a good few flv flavours hidden somewhere :joy:


@Pro_Vapes has a few raspberry lemonade vapes but you may need to have at least lemonade flv.


I checked I do have lemonade flv still unopened as well :sunglasses::sunglasses: it was tucked away at the far corner for some weird reason :joy::joy::joy:


thats gives you the base , i use it at 1.5pct. ut that what i like with a couple drops of FLV lime then you just need to pair your raspberries and sweeten it up if need


Have you looked at this one?


Could the lemon sicily be subbed for caps Italian lemon sicily?


Sorry think i found my answer in the comments :v:


Thanks only problem is I have ran out of the lemon Sicily :roll_eyes: dam!! I’ll start order right now :sunglasses: thanks dude :v:


If you have no lemon Sicily, there’s a other option as well. Mix (FW) Lemonade with (LA) Lemonade at a 2:1 ratio. If you want it more country time, use LA’s as the prominent, if you want more home made, take the FW.

I have not worked with the flavorah, to be able to make recommendations or be able to say mix these together lol.

Another, more simple version would be (CAP) pink lemonade and then add extra lemonade or raspberry, strawberry etc too it.

With either method, adjust percentage accordingly, but I think we all know that :wink:


Raspberry (CAP)
Lemon (FA)

That should work :smile:


Go easy on the aids though… it’s pretty potent.


Aids :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: