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RDA's for testing new flavors and Tanks for every day use


Yeah efun has it for around $35-$36.
Thanks for the offer about pointers, much appreciated.
Biggest issue is to find a wire manufacturer with spools with a big enough center hole. Since i live in Europe Crazy Wire is the place to go and their spools don’t fit.


That could be a major issue , a couple of reviewers stated that they were able to drill out the hole in a couple of wire spools but that could be a little tricky as well.


Yeah i know. I’m gonna do some research to see if i can find any good wire locally to a decent price for the Daedalus. It would suck to have to re-spool wire to new spools just to use it on that thing. I will also contact crazy wire and see if it is possible for them to use spools with a big enough center hole to fit the daedalus.


Is it a problem with wire being available there or would the shipping just be too high? I have no problem shipping you some if needed.


It comes down to the shipping mostly if i order from lets say lightning vapes that have spools that fit and good wire.
Not to bitch but it is the downside sometimes with over the pond orders :wink:
If i ever need something shipped for a more reasonable cost i will get in contact with you and thank you so much for the kind offer.


Oh Boy the number of RDAs I have gone through in the quest for the perfect vape for me… seems countless. Im a flavor chaser so for me that has to be the top reason I use an RDA. To date, the best RDAs, in my opinion are:

The Mutation X v2 (Old school I know but the flavor is amazing)
The Mutation X v4 (I got this as my first under the coil air flow and love it)
The Twisted Messes v2 (This RDA is amazing. Fits almost any build and flavor is god like)

Also, as I sure it may have been stated earlier in the tread (I just skimmed) the build you place in these RDAs will also determine your vape. It takes time, patience and practice to get the perfect vape for you and your wife but keep at it Sir. It gets easier hehe.


Hey there, Hopefully you can help. You stated you’ve gone through a lot of RDA’s and I noted your favourites.

I had my eyes on The Apocalypse by Armegeddon and the goon, I would assume they are up the top end of the list. Yes? Your faves I’ll research and put up the top for later. Though I probably only need only a couple more (yeah right Like needs come into it, I know I’ll want some more)

I too am after flavour but also being able to muck around with coil building which I’m getting better at.

I’m just interested to hear your thoughts as you have a lot to compare against as you stated.


I own around 60 RDAs, rediculous I know but so be it.
The Apocalypse is the best IMO, followed closely by the Goon.
You cannot go wrong with either.
Since I’ve been using RDA, I find that I very rarely use a tank any more, the vape quality and flavor just doesn’t compare.
If I do use a tank it’s an RTA, so that I can at least use quality coils.


Make that a 4th for the serpent mini 25


I get my wire shipped from lightning vapes for $4.50, they ship to Ireland cheaper than crazy wire do


If you decide to order from lightning vapes use the code LV15 for 15% discount.


Thanks bro, that’s nice of you to pass on :+1:


Not a bother buddy. Shipping is pretty good too. 10 days from order placed to arrived at my door.


Purely for flavour testing, I just tried one of these last night for the first time -

It tastes as good as my Bellus and Ubertoot UTA2, both of which I’ve finally got ‘right’ after MUCH trial and error.

Here’s what I’m using in this baby RDA - spaced coil 6 wraps 2.5mm (all I could squeeze in) 26G (for sturdiness) SS316L 0.37 Ohms, loose’ish cotton cut just past the coil ends, 22.5W 175C/350F (so cotton doesn’t even darken) Gets about 10 puffs just wetting the wick.

Oh, and I had to enlarge the air hole to 1/64" - did it by hand. Took longer to get the drills out and put them away than it did to drill the hole.

And I can’t complain about the price :slight_smile:


New RDA’s for Flavor Testing 2017
Vaping companies are coming out strong this year. Rolling out with a slew of new RDA’s hitting the market in the past few months. I thought it’d be nice to get a feel for the top RDA’s everyone is using this year for flavor and recipe testing.

I’m currently using my Peerless RDA & Apocalypse Gen 2 clone, however he Asmodus GalaTek RDA caught my attention for sure.

Current reviews are from VapnFagan & Mike Vapes.

Asmodus GalaTek RDA - INSANE FLAVOR!!!


I have a few RDAs but they are not the nicest to me I’m a habitual tank user lol. I do like my velocity V2 clone and my goon is pretty sweet too but I don’t use them that often… I am still thinking of picking up a couple more I am also pretty interested in learning how to make wick-less coils for flavor testing… I’m pretty good at making my own standard Clapton coils I just need to do some more research I suppose :slight_smile:


Very cool. Clones are definitely a good investment. I have 2 RDA clones (Apocalypse G2 & Coppervape Odis) & 1 RTA (Reload) Do you use RDTAs also? I’ve never heard of wick-less coils for flavor testing. What is this?! Educated me.


I have one RDTA and have had marginal success. I have not played with it too much but i should probably get it back out and try to perfect it. people rave about it I have the Avocado. wickless coils are coils that people install and drip right onto the coil with no wick to vape their liquid. I know some on here use them i forget who though… please chime in if someone can give us more info on it :slight_smile: im sure if we do a youtube search we can find a bunch out :slight_smile:


There’s a couple YouTube videos of people making their own wickless coils. Seems like everyone is using some kind of twisted wire…with spacing / with ridges and so forth. I’m going to ask around. This is something out of my wheelhouse but I’m interested.


One example of wickless coils…

Testing different flavors? How you guys do it?