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RDA's for testing new flavors and Tanks for every day use


Thank you. LOL, I was just watching some videos on Youtube. Have you used them for flavor testing? I’m reading mixed reviews on VapingUnderground & Reddit.


No, I’m one of those people that are still fighting to get a rda to work right and taste good. Until then I can’t try anything “fancy” lol


LOL. I hear you. Well it’s not as fancy as you may think it is. @CallMeTut & @Jayrell - I spoke with some veteran vapers about wickless coils last night in the G Spot Zoom room on MyVaporium.net. A well respected and very knowledgeable vaper, Greg Paschak told me that I only needed to use some sort of fused clapton, alien coils, or any thick & absorbent SS coil. After you do your build, drip a few drops of your E-Liquid, and fire at a very low wattage (between 15-25 watts). Repeat to taste.


Ohhh, I understand the concept… my delimia stems with the fact I can’t get a rda to stop tasting burnt or running up to 300 watts (or so it seems). I have a couple rda’s and no matter what build (clapton or single strand) they always just seem to be running hot. I think it is probably just me and being use to tanks and using lower wattage ( under 30).


Oh I see. Tasting burnt…are you using enough cotton in your builds? Sometimes if your running a high wattage and you use too little cotton you can actually burn out the cotton laying inside the coil. The legs of the cotton look good and you think, “well my cotton is good - why does it taste burnt / why am I getting dry hits” - but in fact you may be dripping on straight coil at an extremely high wattage. Do you vape in TC mode at all?


nods… wicking doesn’t seem to be an issue and I don’t use TC


That was my best educated guess besides just lowering your wattage. Do you usually run up to 300 watts. I only know of a few box mods that offer it.


For myself I’ve found that the closer the coil is to my mouth, the less power I like. On tanks I usually run between .2-.5ohms at around 60w. I only have one rda worth using (a hadaly) and I like that to be in the same ohm range but only around 30w. On my rdta (a theorem) I like it around 40w. If you’re used to 30w on a tank I’d try a higher ohm build and super low watts with an rda. I know you weren’t actually asking for advice, just thought I’d throw that out there in case you hadn’t tried that route yet (you probably have though…lol).


no no no no… it just seems as if the mod is running at 300 watts, I hit the fire button on any rda I’m using and start getting the rice crispies commercial… everything starts snap crackling and popping, I’ll try everything from 15 watts to 30 watts and it always seems the same. Every few months I’ll pull out one of the rda’s and re-try them shrugs not too worried about it


nods… I was thinking of doing a 1.0 or 1.2 build with the same thoughts your stating later today.


Yea Tut I hear you on the RDAs I’ve had off and on success with them myself… more off than on. I’m like @VapeyMama where I typically like my tanks around .4 ohm and vape between 50 and 60 watts. I usually do a single strand Clapton coil26/32 dual coil build on my serpent mini and griffin 25 tanks. I’ve had the best success with that kind of build. When I take that same concept to any of my RDAs it’s like I’m getting too much air flow or have to crank it up higher and it still doesn’t taste as good as my tanks. Maybe I’m still doing something wrong but those super low ohm builds I don’t get any flavor and have to crank it up to the 100s and then it just seems hot and still no good flavor… now with my troll RDA I have had a 1 time good build and wick expierence with it but still not awesome I have a dripbox with a velocity V2 clone and that’s worked out pretty good at times but again it’s hit or miss and I’m not always that patient to rebuild re wick re juice several times in one sitting to get it right lol. As far as single strand builds I have been doing flavor testing on my magma RDA. It’s an old model of RDA you have to screw the top off and on which is a pain but a single coil .9 ohm build using 28g kanthal works out pretty decent but I still get a fuller better tasting expireence in my tanks the serpent mini is boss for flavor for me :slight_smile: ok I’m done rambling ATM :ok_hand:


I still use my Veritas’s :slight_smile: Some of the older stuff is good!


Same here… the “best” I’ve been able to work with is also the Magma, I have a single wrapped strand (I think it’s kanthal (might be SS though it’s been a year since I wrapped it) at .7ohm in it… even at 17 watts the thing talks back at me when I hit the fire button lol.


I just checked and it’s SS in the Magma…

For those that like tips and tricks:
If your unsure if you have kanthal or SS in your rda … or like me and can’t recall what you placed into it (read that as I’m getting old…)
Grab a strong magnet and touch the coil… kanthal is magnetic and will try and stick while SS is not magnetic and won’t try and stick… my coil ignored the magnet so I knew I had used SS in that coil build.


i didnt know that thanks for the tip!


I like to suggest the new Vandy Vape Rda … “Pulse”. It’s a single coil atty, easy to wick and build and have a real nice flavor. At the time right now it’s the one I prefere to test new recipe on.


I’m interested in purchasing a new RDA & RTA trying to get some more flavor out of them. So far I’ve tried a lot of old stuff, bought and lived with a Kennedy clone for around 2 years, then about 18 months ago, bought and used a Tobeco Super Mini RTA, then about 2 months ago bought the older Griffin 25 RTA. Going from the Super Mini to the Griffin 25 was amazing, breathes like the Kennedy, but can hold so much more juice, and I can finally fit a fused clapton into it.

Now that I’m DIY mixing (70vg/30pg), I’ve been using the Kennedy RDA daily and the Griffin 25 when travelling and work. My Kennedy has a 26/36 Kanthal clapton, spaced, dual coil 6.5 wrap, 3mm ID at 0.65 ohms at 80watts, tried it with a fused clapton, but got less flavor. The Griffin 25 has a 26x2/36 kanthal fused clapton, spaced, dual coil 6.5 wrap, 3mm ID, 0.24 ohm at 75 watts - tried a single clapton, didn’t like it – more flavor at 65, more clouds at 90. The Griffin is nice, but doesn’t compare in flavor to the Kennedy – but some say the Kennedy isn’t “great”…

What is a good RDA for flavor testing that you guys recommend. Goon, ok, which one ? there’s so many kinds on 3FVape, I don’t know which to select (goon, 1.5, 4.0, 5.0?). Someone recommended the iJoy Limitless 24 RDA, and Wayne Walker said Hadaly…

Your Suggestions ?

The reason I ask is that I got a co-worker started on vaping recently and I want to give her the Kennedy clone so she (and her husband) can taste the flavors before loading up her TFV4 tank (not that great-to me but for her MTL vaping style, it sort-of works)… I’ve mixed 4 different juices for her based on her selections from my stash – but I need / want to replace it with something new. Hate the 3 post build deck on the Kennedy… the center post spins freely when tightening the screw. Wanting a Velocity or “other” posts for some other types of builds I’d like to try…
Sorry for rambling, I do this a lot.


Go for this one that SXK has made. SXK is synonymous with really good quality when it comes to clones and i think it won’t disappoint you when you finally got it in your hands vaping on it.



The Hadaly is still considered one of the better flavor RDAs out there. I recommend the ShenRay clone at 3fvape

Another flavor atty that I like is the Derringer V3. It’s a smaller RDA but has a velocity deck so it’s easy to build on and it’s cheap! You are limited to smaller coils in it though, I wouldn’t go bigger than a 3.0mm ID but I have stuffed 3.5mm coils in them before.


Thanks for the recommendations, I’m not a squonker yet, totally understand the concept behind it and it intrigues me, but I have no squonk mods.

I’ll wait a bit for some more responses before I place an order.

So far I’m looking at:
$5.89 https://www.efun.top/goon-v1-5-style-rda.html
$5.99 https://www.efun.top/24mm-goon-v4-styled-rda-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer.html
$ 5.49 https://www.efun.top/sxk-hadaly-style-rda-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer.html
$13.99 https://www.efun.top/ijoy-limitless-24-rda.html

Pretty cheap and has some variety to start… What’s the difference between a Goon 1.5 and a Goon v4 ? Isn’t “newer” better than “older” ?