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RDA's for testing new flavors and Tanks for every day use


This is about the rda i linked to in my last post.
It is not a squonker if you don’t want it to be. It comes with two 510 pins, one is solid and the other allows squonking which means it allows you to use it on non squonking devices as well as squonking devices.

When it comes to clones that has no resemblance with the original at all anymore i would say NO.


Thank you Norseman.
I had assumed that if anything included a BF pin, it was squonk Only.

Ok, I’ll stick with the Goon 1.5, although I was looking forward to the bottom air from the v4, they’re cheap, so maybe I’ll just get both, I can PIF if I don’t like it :sweat_smile:

I’m Off to order these now. Thanks again.


I just re-read some of this thread after someone mentioned it in another post.
In September I purchased both a Goon V1.5 (clone) and a Aura rda, I’ve been vaping on both these rda’s for a month or so daily and have not had the issues that I had mentioned in my previous above. Only dislike I have with either rda is that due to how the Aura is built you can’t really see how much juice is in the juice well, but all in all both rda’s seem to be working nicely for me.


Yes definitely getting another goon 1.5 I love that thing and haven’t really tried my other RDAs since I got that one lol


nods… I just ordered another one from Fasttech