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Reaching out to the community


That is an option, DIY is free choice, but IMO not the most important thing of flavor testing.
My 25ml 0 nic flavor tests stay good for months or even years without degrading nic, something I can alway come back to, even mix a few drops together to see how flavors work together.


Ok, this is what i’m doing:
First I tried 100% PG, this had a very slight medical taste but almost no taste.
Then I tried 100% VG, it had a hint of sweetness to it and even slightly nutty flavor, but again almost no taste
Now I mixed up 6 bottles 10 ml vg/pg 70/30.
n°1: 3% TPA watermelon: SNV in NRG tank, subtle taste of a green watermelon, not harsh in the throat, no sweetness

n°2: 3% TPA Raspberry Sweet: SNV in NRG tank, sweet tasting with a fruit flavor but not really like raspberries, although when my daughter walked in the room she said it smelled like raspberries

n°3: 3% TPA Pear: SNV in NRG tank: fairly strong flavor, real pear like and sweet (every time I write sweet, I mean like sugar)

n°4: 1% TPA Koolada: SNV in NRG tank: slightly “cool/chilled” feeling but no taste, some peaple say 1 drop in 10 ml is already strong but I find thats not the case

n°5: 1% TPA Black Cherry: SNV in NRG tank: very sweet, strong candy like cherry but not too candy, even at only 1 % this has a strong taste

n°6: 1% TPA Key Lime: SNV in NRG tank: weak although good lime taste, reminds me of some kind of lemonade

These are the ones I’m testing and although they haven’t steeped yet, I have the feeling that I already learned something. No nicotine was used and the way things are going no nicotine will be used again. The throathit I get when I do a MTL vape with the airflow closed, reminds me of my stinkies and therefore I decided to abandon nicotine all the way. If this turns into more cigaret craving in the comming days, I can always add nicotine. Now every few days I’m going to test them again to see what the steeping does.


When I’m messing around I’ll mix in about 10ml of water and taste it. Eg. add one drop of this, taste it , add a drop of that and taste again. Keep building until its nice and remember the ratios that were used. This doesn’t work well with creams, for me they’re all bitter and nasty in water. Doesn’t translate to vape perfectly but its quick and sometimes it works out well.

If you can make something fthat you think is good from my modest flavor stash http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/70903 I’ll try it, I have lots of opinion and much less skill. :smile: