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Real bad "quit zits"


I started vaping on August 9 and had my last cig on Aug 11. Soooo, 3.5 months ago, give or take.

Ever since, my face has been breaking out in pretty gnarly zits. It sort of reminds me of being in middle school and waking up every morning with some sort of new blemish. It’s not a huge deal because I’m 40 and married and don’t have to impress anyone, but it’s no fun having to deal with puberty again.

I know it’s a fairly common thing and I’m just wondering when it will go away or suggestions on how to mitigate it. Oddly, I had bad back acne all my life, and since I quit smoking it’s cleared up almost completely.

It’s fascinating that your body changes so much after you quit smoking, but it’s also not fun. :slight_smile:


Well that sucks! That’s not something I dealt with, although when I had started vaping it was after I has just started smoking again… so maybe my body adjusted faster…? Anyway, I swear by tea tree oil for breakouts. A few drops on a wet cotton ball twice a day when its bad or once per day as prevention. Good luck!


A PG allergy usually presents with rashes.

Editing again lol

PG and VG allergies can both present with rashes. But actual allergies to either one are not super common. Mostly it’s just intolerance


All those acky toxins from the cigs are escaping :tada::tada::tada:

Acnecide 5% w/w gel Cream is the only stuff that clears my spots… but they tend to arrive in the form of cystic acne. Thirty bleeding eight and I’m rediscovering acne :grimacing:

Try the tea tree first though cos this cream literally burns off skin…I resemble Freddy Krueger some days I swear :laughing:


Wow I am on the same boat, my face is full of pimples and I didn’t know why… I stop smoking before 2 months.


zits can be cause by way many reasons… change of diet, some kinda of allergy, diseases or change of hormone balance and even some dirt in the air or some place you visited or whatever…
personally never heard something like that because of vaping and never had a problem like that in the 4 years i am vaping…

if you’re sure that you haven’t changed your diet, or came in contact with stuff that could cause it anyway… i would suggest you check if you allergic to some kinda of flavor or pg… :slight_smile:


So-called “quit zits” are not just a myth. (Ironically, smoking can also cause acne.) For a small number of people, quitting a tobacco smoking habit means dealing with acne breakouts, as if quitting isn’t hard enough. … “Quit zits” are temporary but can last for months for long-term smokers


Thank you for all of your suggestions!

I think my body is just trying to purge 18 years of smoking and it’s presenting itself in the way that it chooses.

I’m going to try the tea tree oil. I’ve used it for other ailments and the smell is offensive to me, but anything to get rid of my pizzaface would be awesome. :smile:


oh sh.1t! thank you very much @woftam :slight_smile: never heard for problems like this… really useful post article :slight_smile:


Increase your water intake. That should help.


also the vg is oily , i had my hair a little longer than usual and my forehead would break out , i believe it was caused because of the extra moisture ( oil ) from vaping


I had cystic acne bumps for 3 to 4 months after I quit cigs. They have subsided, but I still get a bump or two from time to time. I have oily skin so I am back to normal.


Some people do get it from vaping.
Its a process of elimination.
For me, it began when I started to sub ohm dtl. If I use an rda all day with a sweet juice I will wake up with zits. I’ve cut nearly all pg, avoid sucrolose and anything pineapple flavored. It sucks. Benzoyl peroxide helps me.


I’ve had good results with this stuff!



Hey congrats on staying off the fags (cigs if you prefer)!
My quit zits didn’t start for a month or two after I stopped smoking, and I decided it was partly detoxing and partly PG sensitivity (I was MTL-ing 50/50 then). They diminished when I lowered the PG in my liquid, but then increased when I took up DL vaping, just due to the quantity of juice, & therefore oil, I was getting through. The skin on my face was noticeably oilier by the end of the day too. I’ve found that my system has got used to the VG mostly, but it’s taken a few months. You’ll get there.


I got some very bad ones for around 4 months after I quit and that was cold turkey without vaping. I also got some allergies really bad that I didn’t have while a smoker. The blemishes were more like boils than zits. Big painful ones. After about a year, my allergies have gotten much better too. That was worse than the zits.

I am 40 and have an oily complexion so I get blemishes out of nowhere once in a while, but not like those awful quit zits were.

Keep your hands on the vape and not the face. If I had a vape at the time, I probably would have left the spots alone more. Haha