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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


LOL does it show I go to Canada a lot :smiley:

My experiences inspire so many of my recipes!


Walt, come to Vancouver! Our pastry chef will give you lots to work on!


What % would you recommend for RF Bread Pudding as a standalone? As a 2-3 flavor mix? Thx


I am not who you replied to but I have tried it in VG, SC and also tried the v2 SC version:

The VG version I would try at 15% to start. That is where I vaped mine when I bought the VG version and I liked it a lot. It will need to steep at least 1 or 2 months though.

The SC version (it is now available in the SC line, along with a version 2 variant) I would recommend 2.5 - 3.5% and at least a 3 - 4 week steep.


Thx Fozzy. That’s what I figured, then I read a thread here on this flavor and people were saying they liked it at high % and vaped sooner rather than later. And seemed to think this was the one VG flavor they liked better vs the SC version. I couldn’t figure out how a VG based flavor could come to fruition so soon, but what do I know? That’s why I’m here.


The VG flavors tend to fade if they steep a real long time so I would probably do it 120ml or less and give it a test after a month and if you like it start vaping it.

*If you haven’t tested it yet I would probably suggest a 15 and 20 percent tester <30ml and start testing them both after 3 or 4 weeks and then decide which you like at which point the most before you mix up a 100ml or bigger.


That’s really helpful, thx!


Hey everyone, glad you could help @Fozzy71… I have be a bit busy here and we had to delay the easter sale a bit ha. It will be out soon :smiley:


I am ready when you are @Walt_RealFlavors 27 in the cart (max i can get on the flat rate dhl :laughing:) If you make it I may just have to make another one when the sale gets underway. I know it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do but it would be awesome if we could filter items we have previously ordered


*walt *Is it just carrot cake or icing added ? Following


About blue moon
I can’t get it to taste like ur juice back in the day .
Not marshmallow nor sweetner gives that flavor I tasted…
Any help Walt . There’s something missing . Since your not doing the juice line, can you please help me get that blue moon ice cream flavor … I’m craving
I managed to purshased many from chefs at discount so was lucky …


Just cake :stuck_out_tongue:

Try adding a drop of orange. If not that try a bit more raspberry :smiley:

I sold off the formulas a longggggg time ago, sooo… I don’t even remember them ha but I can try.


I Walt
awesome writing back
So which orange yours n raspberry.,
Trying is half the battle I know I loved yours . Never found one like it .
I have ur cotton candy just beautiful flavor along with strawberry. Grape n blueberry , Like real natural.
Thank you for the tips
Just idea which orange or raspberry
If not away to get it creamy maybe pudding u think …
Any possibility of making this blue moon into concentrated 1-3%


I would only add a few drops of super concentrate orange candy to a 15ml to start. It will be a very low percentage.


I’m on your web sight I see the vg 8-12 %
Is there another Walt that’s concentrated. Orange candy
Sorry dear for bothering so much :hugs:
Awesome many now concentrated can’t wait
Hope I catch your famous Easter bunny sale🐇


Crap… it is not live yet… My fault


hope to be on by sale then … can’t remember everything…


I was just told that most, if not all items will be on the SC side by end of the day tmrw. I was just looking over my notes from my team.


Maple butter/chocolate is my fav as well! I can not pass a Beaver Tail without getting one. Wish they had more locations.


Sounds delicious hope to get a trial on Easter sale … yummy