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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


It is worth the $24 - I got one of the 4 and I love it. But i hope for you it does :grinning:


Depends how long it takes lol… I think the date on the barrel is Feb 15th or around there. It honestly needs a good month longer.


Wellll, I maxed out the credit card and told the hubby to go work the street corner until we could pay it off. Ok, not max, but since I don’t like to use them it’s like maxed as far as I’m concerned.

But, originally we said if I lived until our 10th we were going to renew our vows. But we decided since we never had a honeymoon, why pay for another wedding. Besides, YOLO and odds were against me making our 10 year, so we decided we aren’t taking a chance on waiting for the 20 :smiley:

Hitting some of that bucket list!!!


I will order it either way. I must try every flavor ever made or i will always feel like one of my mixes is missing something lol yes its an addiction. Btw my list of RF SC that i will be re ordering in large sizes is getting longer :wink:


ditto. i just counted and have 67 flavors (and 30 - 40 non-rf flavors to use up still). How long it will take me to use those up? And here I sit with 10 more new flavors in my RF cart (just trimmed it down from 15) frantically hitting f5 to see what new flavors will be online before the next sale…


Are you coming to visit? There are more strip clubs in my town then I can count!? Is that what all those 1’s are for??


I have been thinking I really want to get to the point where I don’t have much inventory in flavorings because of the shelf life. So I want to order just enough flavors to mix recipes and keep my closet full of steeping juice. Mainly because I am not one to mix dozens of recipes trying things out. I was thinking it would be really cool if you could create a recipe using only Real Flavors if you guys could provide a custom blend of the flavor base. Sorta like Vapecrafters. Instead of ordering a bunch of flavors and end up with leftover flavors you won’t use much in anything but that recipe.


Not sure if it is something we can do. Anything made here would have to have a full workup and testing, we can’t just mix different things up as a custom batch without reporting it. None the less I will still look in to it for you.

and ps… I found my spirit chick


why not just use vapecrafters


I suppose that is the way to go. But Walt is so close to me it would take no time to get :wink:


I just sent off an email to them to see if I could work with them to do something like this :smiley:


so just so im clear if i want a base and dont want to buy flaves this vapecrafters will use the same everything to produce this ???


LOL, as a result of another thread I just did some math… I think I mentioned recently in this thread something along the lines of ‘how long will it take to vape all the flavoring I already have’ to try and rationalize if I should order more flavors: at 3.5% one 30ml bottle will make me 857ml of juice. I have 67 flavors that are mostly full and a couple half full bottles from my walmart order last year. That will make 57 liters of finished juice…

sorry @Walt_RealFlavors , no more orders for me anytime soon.


if these flaves that i have turn out to be what im hoping they will i have a bunch more on my list


Exactly! I am going through my flavorings and pulling all the ones I don’t use. Going to make a huge pif lot. Although if it ends up getting split to 10 people might have to charge $2 for shipping or it will get expensive. Oh well, will cross that road when it happens. Do we have a PIF thread anywhere on here?


make your own thread afaikt - http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/c/general/trade


Thank you…that will work :slight_smile:


Lol funny sorry…

In the easter orders, you not only get gifts but you also get a funny sample flavor. It is called Beaver Tail hahaha something I had at a fair once.

A special tweak to fried dough, covered in butter, then drizzled with a butter berry sauce and dusted with just a hint of a secret cocoa cream sauce.

Damn I feel fat ha


We had something similar to that at the fair I went to growing up. Except we didn’t have the berry and cocoa cream sauce. It was fried bread topped with honey butter and cinnamon sugar. So delicious.


I love beaver tails!! We have them across Canada.
It’s usually just a hut, sometimes on top of ski resort (the hut looks cooler with snow on it). And all they sell is fried dough with different toppings. My favourites are maple butter, and chocolate hazelnut.
They have been around since the 70’s