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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Strawberry Rhubarb SC @ 2.5% (6-3-17) – Trying to remember years ago the last SR pie I had while waiting 2 weeks for this one to test. I loved the RF SC SB so wasn’t sure how much different this one would be. Initially vaping this proved it to be another very good flavor. Strawberry is in the front of the mix but with something extra. I had feared it would be just like the SB, but it’s def. different, and in a good way. Like the SB, some sweet, a little tart (not much) and with the rhubarb added in, you can def. think of eating a SR pie (no crust just the filling). I’ve not tried the SC Rhubarb yet, but from this mix, I’m guessing it’s going to be good. @ 2.5% it’s quite good, and doesn’t leave you wanting. As with most SB, can’t add anything regarding it’s fading or lack thereof, but as a single flavor @ 2.5% @ 2 weeks, I can’t find fault with it. 9.5/10.


Ill probably increase the 2.5%, even adding just a bit of banana i found the blueberry hidden tho it could have been all the Sriracha i had with dinner. Both i and the wife find the lemonade quite easily but the blueberry is a bit elusive, i can taste the light floral note of blueberry but not the blueberry itself, if that makes sense. I can see how this is supposed to taste but at the ratio i mixed it isnt quite there.

So i am thinking that for our tastes 3%-3.5%.

Oh, and if you cant find the koolada taste it straight from the bottle. It is there but not really noticeable in a finished mix.


I didn’t get the Koolada either. Kind of defeats the purpose if it’s not noticeable. I’m going to add some to it and see what happens.


Sugar Cub SC @ 2.5% (6-4-17) – 2 weeks steeping to find out if you can stuff animal crackers into a bottle. RF calls them cinnamon graham cracker cookies, but I’m getting a FULL ON animal crackers. I know the RF SC Graham and it MIGHT be in there, but it’s such a nice, even mix, I’m not getting any standout flavors in front, not getting any cinnamon either. With that said, this is delicious. Sweet, some cream, vanilla, and cookie. Surely seems almost exactly animal crackers. This one’s going to be hard to nail to a value, as for a Sugar Cub I think animal crackers, but their description says cinnamon graham which I am not getting. Think I’m going to go with the name and rate this at a 9/10. If you are needing cinnamon / graham, it’s not really here, but if you can a delicious animal cracker (cookie) flavor, it is, in spades.


Cherry Limeade SC @ 2.5% (6-4-17) – I’m a huge fan of Sonic’s Cherry Limeade, so waited 2 weeks to see if this would fill the bill. Unlike most CL’s I’ve drank where the cherry soda is the star, that wasn’t the case. The lime was far more forward, and if there was a cherry it was buried. Somewhat sweet, but not what you’d expect from a drink flavor. It wasn’t bitter, but the lime was pushing towards that direction. Nice and limey, but really wasn’t picking up on the cherry or cherry soda sweetness. Maybe better description might have been “somewhat sweet limeade with …”. Going 4/10 on this one.


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread SC @ 2.5% (6-4-17) – 2 weeks was HARD to wait to try this one, as it smells very good in the bottle. Great news is, it tastes even BETTER when vaping it !!! Very rich and full chocolate with sweetness on the inhale, and the hazelnut joins that on the exhale. Damn near perfect pairing of choco and hazel, with probably choco being a little stronger than the hazel, but a really good balancing. Would be very curious to see what @Alisa thinks as she is the Hazel Goddess. Vaping and typing here, the delicious rich inhale cannot be understated with this one. I think RF has another WINNER here. Easy 10/10.


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More power to ya man!


Well after that review I’ve got a new flavor on my wish list! I’ve had a hard time with chocolates and the only one I’ve really enjoyed so far has been the chocolate in RF rocky road ice cream. So if I’m going to buy another chocolate flavor I think this will be a good option.


@VapeyMama You know I picked up that special flavor, and will be giving your recipe 1 week, can’t wait to try it. As far as the chocolate, let me think how to explain it as I’ve been doing a shit ton of choco mixes trying to get my s’mores nailed down. It’s not IN YOUR FACE choco, but still very good. I’m pretty sensitive to artifical, chemically choco and I didn’t get it in this one. Not as dark as say TPA Double Choco, but still good. The hazelnut is def. not as pronounced as say FW Hazelnut, but it’s still in there.


I’m glad you found him. He’s looking at you like “Why so serious?”

Now you can sit back, relax and test your new flavors.


@Leilani Ooooooooh, our cat !!! I read your post, thinking ?? Wha ???

YES, Mr. Swiper decided to grace us with his presence again. As far as we can tell he got trapped somewhere, shed/barn/garage, etc. 10 days of rain led to a first sunny day and then he bobbled home. I’ve absolutely started back up on my RF SC vape train again !!!


After searching this thread and the part one thread, it seems there is no mention of anyone buying or trying the Rainbow Sherbet. So, has anyone tried the VG version of the flavor?


I have the SC version and it’s really nice, a little on the pale side since, as a sherbet, I’d like it to be a little brighter but overall it’s really good. I have my notes handwritten just not typed out, lol.


Oh my!! Gonna have to order some now. Thanks, @SessionDrummer .


I got that same RF SC and made a couple recipes and I came up with the same results, sadly, as I’m a big fan of Sonic and that’s the main drink I always get. I’ve got 2 more steeping atm at 3% and 3.5% just to see if that’ll either 1, bring out more of the cherry or B, highten the lime beyond too harsh. Hopefully between the 2 of us we can figure it out.


I got the LB Rainbow Sherbert and made a cpl mixes with it and was not very satisfied at all. Tried it even as a standalone to see how it would fit in and it was horrible I might add, even at their recommended strength. Good luck with it as have found other means for recipes that will work better for me.


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Many of my recipes are shall we say unusual to say the least but they are never boring.
That damn Weight Watchers card has been around for decades and I finally found a good use for it.


Doesn’t that description roughly translate into “Cat Food”?


I do love reading your recipes :+1: You will be the founder of the savoury vape craze I swear :smiley: