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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


founder or flounder…?
(Mackerel… flounder…I hate having to explain my jokes…)




@Alisa I don’t know if it has the same KICK as your tried and true FW, but it would be curious to hear YOUR take on it. :slight_smile:


@chux72vette Roger that. I’ve still got a lot of RF SC’s to test out, and it you get good results with that 3, 3.5, let us know !!!



Definitely do not follow their recommended %. I suppose they would be correct if we all still used eGos/evods.

Their creams all need a few weeks curing. I do have this flavor but i dont remember mixing with it outside of initial testing so i much not have liked it much. Their Vanilla Ice Cream is fantastic as are most of their creams.


Have you or anyone tried the Real Flavors Blueberry (sc) or the Strawberry Banana Smoothie yet?


Sounds like I’ve got some research to do!


I’ve tried their blueberry, blueberries and cream, and blueberry pastry. They were all very disappointing, extremely weak flavours that all but disappeared after 5 weeks. I tried them at 2% and 3.5%. Which was a shame as blueberry is one of my favorite flavours.


I am with you, the Blueberry is not the best. It is sweet, but the ‘real’ blueberry flavor is just lacking. With TPA Blueberry Wild being such a weak concentrate, I have been branching out to other flavors for a good blueberry and have found some success with MF Blueberry alongside FW Blueberry.

The RF SC Blueberry almost reminds me of a blueberry fruit punch flavor. It is not candy like, but not very real. It comes across almost like a juice.


I’ve been looking for a good one too. I agree about blueberry wild, and blueberry extra has the same problem of being really weak. FW is next up on my list to try, I can’t get MF here so I hope that’s a good one.
I was really surprised at how lacking the RF one was, most of the other fruits I tried were very realistic. I don’t know what went wrong with all three of those blueberry flavours.


Has anyone tried the peanut butter cup? I just mixed up a bottle and tried it as a snv. It’s pretty damn good already. I’m sure it’ll be amazing in a week or 2


@Amy2 has used the VG, she has some notes on it here:


Small but exciting order. And what are these, I got dripper caps???


Brown Sugar, wow… Because of its wonderful and real aroma i couldnt wait to try it so a couple drops went into a shot glass of water. I will be mixing with it tonight, one of the truest flavorings ive ever tested, with this method. It seems quite strong so im starting at the low end of the SC %s, as PV has stated.

I thought that i had ordered the before, because of @Pro_Vapes notes, and may have but i couldnt find it do i grabbed it during the sale. Im already glad that i did.


This is like MFs weaker brother, it is a very good blueberry. In my personal recipes i use it as the main along with blueberry MF as an enhancer. The two mix very well together.

I mention this because i am always looking for a better combination, thats how ill be testing blueberry SC.


Yeah, I tried them out today when my stuff came in. They wont work very (or at all) well with the PET bottles. The hole is too small and the bottle is too stiff. My scale was shutting off before I could get 5 drops out


I’ll add it to my cart and I’m sure some combination of all the blueberries I have should work. Cheers fella :thumbsup:


For some of the recipes ive released i use BB FW and BB Extra TPA, this combo works quite well.


Sounds good to me. I have it added for the next time I put in an order.


Highly sophisticated tool for this specific use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: