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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


From my experience I have not had any RF SC flavor fade issues. Although I do recognize what you mentioned about lessening of a more pronounced taste in my Eliquids when I am Vaping. I am a tank user, my first one or two pulls have a definitively more pronounced flavor. Which then decreases unless I set my MOD down for a minute or so ( Normally I just continue Vaping).
Fascinatingly though I find this to be true with food desserts as well. The first couple of bites are glorious. Then the enticing flavor tappers off.
I recognize some have a fade issue with Strawberry (SC) RF, once again I personally have not had this experience. Nor have I found a need to change my opinion on percentages in mix & as a Standalone with Real Flavors (SC) line. So there’s my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I’ll have to pick up the frosted animal cookie then.


I’m following what I’ve heard quite a few times. In the beginning I mixed them at 1-1.5% range and I’d get flavor fade on some of them. I just decided to go 3% right from the start to see how it pans out. It doesn’t seem that many people has actually figured these out.

BTW these are untested testers so I don’t know if I hit the sweet spot yet.


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Has anyone else gotten their hands on the Yellow Burst Candy? It has a truly unique lemon taste but does not yield a very strong flavor. Was hoping to see if anyone else has used it and what % they were using it at.


Hey Pro would you recommend 3% even with 50/50


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I was thinking the same thing, good to see you again @authormichellehughes


It’s too early in the testers to recommend anything. I’m just testing these differently from my other testers.


I need a motivational speech or something to try this rf sc cream cheese. Where is Chris Farley when you need him. I thought I was huffing glue. It smells exactly like super glue. I’m going to try mixing it at .25% with some 50/50 pur NY cheesecake/pur cheesecake graham crust and pur milk condnsed. Wish me luck.


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I’ve put this off way too long. Get comfy because this is long. :grinning:

All testing was done either on a Target with .9 coils or Isub G with .5 coils between 20-30w.

Blood Orange 2.5% Tested at two days – one month.

It’s a very nice sweet, citrusy flavor with no chemical or artificial note. At the time I had a bunch of navel oranges and testing this while eating a real one, this is sweeter but really close. That’s how blood oranges are supposed to be. After a month it’s still a very bold flavor but the brighter tart notes have mellowed.

I can see how it might get harsh at higher %. Mixing directly into my tank 1/3 BO with 2/3 Sangria is really nice! It does seem to mellow and almost hide behind stronger flavors like Cap VBIC and RF Masala Chai which I mixed in my tank the same as the Sangria. The flavor was definitely there, just really mellow. I like it a lot as a single and also have a ton of ideas for recipes.

Orange Cream 2% Tested at one week – six weeks.

In the beginning this was a bland, generally nice orange; not as bold at the BO and not very creamy but really smooth in texture. I left it steep a while (forgot about it TBH, lol.) until I was cleaning out my sample box and tried it again. Oh my this little sample has blossomed! The orange developed into a smooth sweet sherbet kind of orange. The cream flavor is still not very strong but the texture is so silky smooth and wonderful. This is a must have if you love citrus but struggle with that profile being harsh. I haven’t played with this at all yet but I certainly intend to.

Strawberry Gelato 2% Tested two – six weeks.

My first test of this was more smooth and mellow than the regular SB. There weren’t any artificial chemical notes but it wasn’t exactly authentic either. It also wasn’t as bold or creamy as real Italian Gelato. It was still a really nice flavor with a super silky texture. After coming back to it a month later it really blossomed, much like the Orange Cream. The strawberry note is stronger, there’s a bit more cream though it’s still light, and the texture is so wonderful; that’s really what’s setting a lot of these flavors apart. You’re going to get sick of hearing me say ‘silky smooth’. I may need to find my thesaurus.

So far I’ve mixed it with 1% Cap VBIC to add the creamy flavor and to various other fruits all with good results. It’s really good with Dragon Fruit!

Rainbow Sherbet 2% Tested at one week – four weeks.

I see a pattern developing here. Just like the Orange Cream and SB Gelato, this one started out mildly pleasant with a nice texture, then blossomed over time. At four weeks the fruitiness is not quite as tart as real frozen sherbet but still a good strong flavor with mildly creamy notes. The texture, you know it, skilllky smooooth!

I haven’t played around with this at all in mixes but I imagine it’ll add a beautiful texture to any fruit and cream recipe. It’s really nice as a single too.

Vanilla Custard 2% Tested at four weeks – eight weeks.

From four to eight weeks I didn’t notice much of a change. It’s very sweet! Way too sweet for me to use as a single. It seems more like overly sweetened soft serve vanilla ice cream than any kind of custard. That being said, once again I have to comment on how smooth and silky the texture is. That makes it a brilliant addition for smoothing out and sweetening harsh mixes. I plan to keep a 30 mil mixed @ 3% to use as a smoother and sweeter for other experiments that turn out too harsh or bitter. If all goes well I may even use it to replace the Merigue/MM combo I use to smooth and sweeten things now.

Wild Cherry 1.5% Tested at one day – one month.

This is more realistic than the regular RF Cherry with hints of mixed berries too though. It’s very nice, more like a jam than a candy and no artificial cough syrup notes. It’s not the authentic fresh picked cherry that so many of us cherry lovers long for but it’s one of the best I’ve found so far. If you’re looking to add cherry notes to recipe, this is definitely worth a try. After a month steep both as a single and with 2% Cap Creamy Yogurt, this didn’t turn pale or even mellow as far as I could perceive.

Cherry Pie 2.5% Tested at one – six weeks.

Like the Wild Cherry, it’s a very nice cherry flavor with definite hints of mixed berries all with a warm baked aspect. There’s practically no discernible crust which is a bonus IMO because it makes it more versatile. What it does have is an almost fluffy buttery texture that I really can’t describe. It’s mysterious and delicious. As a single I tested the last of my sample about six weeks after mixing and didn’t notice much change. This one will definitely be used in a lot of recipes. So far I’ve tried it with a little Cap VBIC and it seemed to hold up well but it didn’t last long, lol.

Pineapple 1.5% Tested at one week – six weeks.

This is a lot nicer than I expected! It’s a really nice authentic pineapple with no bitter or harsh notes. It’s very sweet with a hint of tart. After six weeks the tart aspect mellowed only a little. I’ve been mixing this with fruits and especially with Sangria all with good results. The only fading I found was when mixed with RF Coconut which is probably my fault for using too much Coconut because everything faded in those mixes even though the Coconut wasn’t strong. (See review on the Coconut below) I haven’t mixed it with any heavier flavors like custards or cheesecake so I can’t verify it won’t fade in some cases.

Coconut 2% Tested at four weeks.

This one may take me some time to work with. As a single I really don’t like it. In mixes it’s nice and very smooth but at just .5% it mellows the higher notes on the other flavors to the point of muting yet it’s not taking over the mix because the coconut aspect is not very strong either. I do like it with Blood Orange and in my Sangria Colada recipe but I miss the higher notes on the fruits. So far this is the closest I’ve found to a stinker in the whole batch I’ve tested but I’m not giving up on it yet, lol.

Masala Chia 2% Tested at one week – six weeks.

When I first mixed this, the clove smelled powerful. I was nervous to try it because although I smoked Djarum Specials for 20 years before they were outlawed, I HATE clove heavy vapes. It was a glorious surprise when I finally tested this. Every spice seems perfectly balanced, to my tastes anyway. It’s warm fragrant and really intoxicating! The texture is also very smooth and mild on the throat unlike most of the teas I’ve tried. Strangely, I don’t get much if any tea flavor which is actually a bonus because I’ve been mixing this with all kinds of fruit, cream and bakery to add a touch of warm spice. I LOVE this flavor as a single at 2% and at .5 – 1% in mixes. Try it with Blood Orange or Peach Cobbler! YUM!

Paczki 2.5% Tested at one – two weeks…then I forgot I had it.

My first test was just a mil in my tank. It seemed very strong, dead on raspberry Paczki filling with very little dough. It’s super sweet and at the time I wasn’t in mood for bakery so I vaped that mil, filled the tank with Fresh Cream which was a nice combo while the Paczki faded out of the coil. Then a week later I tested it again. Now I could get hints of a buttery flaky something, still not much actual dough; the filling is very powerful in a good way but I think I need to mix it at 2% really.

Then, I forgot I had it. I thought I gave it to my son but I recently found it tucked away. I don’t have a clean tank to test it in so I’ll just update my notes on the recipe side when I test the rest of this sample, now over two months old, lol.

Blueberry Muffin 2.5 % Tested at two weeks then forgot I had this too, lol.

This is another one I got for my son. He says it’s perfect as is. I couldn’t taste much cakey flavor at all. It was still a nice slightly bluish-berry flavor with that mysterious fluffy buttery flavor like the Cherry Pie had. I have no idea if the cakey notes have developed on it because I thought I gave my tester to my son and only recently found it hiding out with the Paczki, lol. I’ll update my notes on the recipe side when I test the rest of this.

Peach Cobbler 2% Tested at one week – three weeks.

This is just as good as the regular RF Peach only it’s baked to perfection! There’s only a hint of a buttery flaky note and a light dollop of cream. It may be disappointing for people who are looking for the total cobbler experience in a single flavor. For me, having the crust and cream so light makes it more versatile so it’s a bonus IMO. Did I mention the texture? It’s so silky smooooth!

I haven’t gotten a sample to last more than three weeks so I can’t comment on longevity, lol. A few combos I’ve tried are with Fresh Cream and Cap VBIC separately, both really nice and with Masala Chai and VBIC together. Soooo good! I’ve got a ton of ideas for this.

Peachy Mint 1.5% Tested at two weeks – four weeks.

The peach flavor is nice and strong but not as nice as the regular or cobbler. The mint is more of a green grass, earthy flavor, not unpleasant at all, just not a bright cool mint like I like. At four weeks it didn’t seem to have changed at all.

Since I often mix one of my strong mint flavors into the tank with some of the regular RF Peach, I had high hopes for this; maybe too high. Even though I was disappointed, I can’t call this a stinker because overall it’s still a nice flavor; worth a try if you like earthy green, very mild mints.

Shamrock Shake 2% Tested at two weeks – four weeks.

This is a wonderful shake flavor! The only mild complaint I have about it is, it’s a little too sweet for my tastes and it’s not at all minty like the popular McD’s shake. What I love the most about it is the texture will tenderly caress your tonsils with velveteen opulence. (Found my thesaurus.)

From two to four weeks I didn’t notice much change. I’ve got a ton of ideas for this, especially adding some mint to rock that Shamrock and in some of my stronger menthols to assuage the intensity of the throat hit.

Fruit Pebbles 2% Tested at one week – four weeks.

Normally I only like cereal vapes in small doses but this was much nicer than I thought it would be. I got it mostly for my son. If you’ve eaten Fruity Pebbles, you’ll understand what I’m about to say. When you’re near the end of the bowl, the pebbles are still a little crunchy but they’ve soaked up a lot of the milk and most of the sugar coating is off. It’s not sickeningly sweet, softer but not soggy with a little smoothness from the milk but not too creamy. That’s exactly how this flavor is to me. I really like it!

I fully intend to mix this with a lot of cookie and creamy recipes. At four weeks when I polished off the tester the fruity notes seemed to have grown a bit but it may have been a trick on my tongue from whatever else I was vaping.

Deep Fried Cookies and Cream 2.5% Tested at three days – two weeks.

This is spot on Oreo flavor. I didn’t detect much fried dough but my son said he could. He vaped the sample I made for him the same day I gave it to him. I tried it then too and was really surprised how much I liked it. Two weeks later when I tried my sample it didn’t seem to have changed much. Since I only vape bakery in small doses I ended up giving him the rest of that sample so I know it didn’t last longer than this, lol.

I also have ordered the RF Fried Dough to add to a couple things so I’ll update my notes on the recipe side when I try adding a bit to this. I do intend to use this in recipes that could use a bit of chocolaty crunch.

Beaver Tail 2.5% Tested at two weeks – four weeks.

At two weeks this was a really smooth berry with hints of chocolate, not much of a bakery note but as I’ve said before, that doesn’t bother me. At four weeks the berry seems a little stronger, chocolate is still there and a hint of the buttery flakey bakery note is showing up. I don’t know if the bakery note would develop with more time because I vaped it all, lol.

I have a lot of ideas for this, cookies, custards and it’s good as a single. One idea I want to try is a bit of this, a little raspberry and the DF Oreo with some VBIC to make a Raspberry Oreo McFlurry. Mmmmm……


Thank you very much for the notes! Great to get more opinions!!!


Hobbits, thank you so much for a very good writeup on your testings on the RF flavors. Much appreciated and well done. :+1:



Awesome notes hobbitssss - thanks for sharing :kissing_heart: