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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Couldn’t have said it better myself! I really hope Walt succeeds, but I am betting his flavors for food is what keeps him in business. We are the minority I’m sure. And I’m thinking with use as intended (food) the fading isn’t an issue. Just for us who are re-purposing food flavorings.

With the quality of his flavors and his customer service, he will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the food industry!


Could be they are using FA fuji and are using liquid amber? Or Mts vape wizard? Just a thought.


Thankyou so much for that. I’ve been mixing for about 9 months and am just
starting to get a handle on it, so this couldn’t have come at a better
time. So much time and effort must have gone into it. Can’t thank you


I’ve tried both of those combos and it doesnt seem to do it for me.


Fuji really is a standout flavor and is tart. I can pick it out in almost any mix. To me it worked well in the recipe and came so very close to LS Apple Butter.

I haven’t tried anything else but maybe a double apple or less tart apple may be the way to go. I should get my Real Flavors order on Monday and start testing the apple butter.


Good to know. Some of my favorite mixes with other companies are in their prime in that time frame. I will mix lower quantities of each recipe to avoid to much loss of product to the fade you mentioned. I will do my best to relay any flavors I come across of mine that fade in a follow up in this thread. Just ordered two more impulsively today; soda base and tropical punch.


Bummer, I must be polishing off all my mixes before they have a chance to fade. The only one that faded to nothing was the Pink Candy.

I don’t really have the patience to wait for something to steep unless it is not good at first, then I let it steep to see if it improves or becomes sink sludge. All the cinnamon flavors are not working for me though, they all taste the same, biggest disappointment being the bread pudding.

Sorry to hear about your experiences Mystic


My favorites are the cinnamon custard and bread pudding. It’s a very delicate balance though :frowning: They both seem to need 7-10 days for the cinnamon to calm down, and 3-4 weeks for the custard to thicken up. Yet 5-6 weeks and over they fade a lot. After 8 months I still struggle with them, they are so damn good when I’m lucky enough to get them at the right time…yummy.


What percentage are you using the SC cinnamon custard and bread pudding?


VG versions at 15%. I haven’t gotten or tried the SC versions as I’ve had fellow mixers have the same results with the new formulas, just at a lot lower percentage of use. I’ve had a couple say they taste different than the VG versions as well. But it’s all just hearsay, I haven’t tried them myself.


E-liquids/Flavor tasting notes] Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes


The SC versions for me are also different than the VG on both CC and BP. Just haven’t been happy with either but loved the VG versions. There are a couple more that seem different than the VG version but still need to get another cup of coffee in me to jump start my brain this morning to remember.


Just ordered Banana Taffy, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Butter Pecan Pie… can’t wait to try these out


I have a half a dozen RF SC flavors and I am sure glad I read this whole thread. Very useful information. Another reason ELR rocks!!! Thanks to all for this wonderful information.


So sorry if my answering a question about VG flavors on the SC thread offended your delicate sensibilites. I’ll try to refrain in the future :slight_smile:


I also ordered these three last week, plus SB Taffy and Frosted Animal Cookie. I mixed some testers on Saturday and I’ve only done a finger taste so far.

The Pecan Pie, SB Taffy and Frosted Animal Cookie has impressed me most, the Banana Taffy tasted a little weird and IC Sandwich seems a bit weak, but it tastes good and true.

I’ll probably start vape testing this weekend. I’m hoping these don’t fade after a good steep.


Ok i just wanted to chime in here about mixing RF SC

i have since RF SC’s came on the scene been tinkering here and there with a few until as of march this year, its all i use. I have got lots of backlogged flavours i havent even had time to single flavor test.

along the way I had an awful situation where i was getting flavor fade on ANY rf sc i was trying.
turns out, 1 night I was working extensively on mixes and testing. where along the way i acquired vape tongue.
which confused me for 1-2 days on the fade issue. after resetting my taste buds I went at it again but noticed
that any RDA i would drip this flavor in. i could taste it on the 1st hit. but after that the flavor started fading.
what i noticed and discussed with quite a few ppl about this.
a good friend appealed to me with his angle which I agreed in principal what we thought was happening, its that we are actually using too much SC’s for the amount of VG being used, I did this test by literally halving my 60ml (bluraz @ 3% 100%vg) into another 60ml and topping 1 of them up with 50% more vg (making it 1.5% blu raz) and the other with pdo so it is now (1.5% blu raz 50/50 pdo/vg) both of them i could taste the flavor (def not as strong)but i noticed i drip it all the way till dry cotton and taste it. as compared to @ 3% with 100% VG I would only taste it on initial drip then start tasting thinner as hits went on.

VG is thicker than PG. so when its atomizing I suspect VG produces more condensation than PG would. resulting in moisture present. now both the “FLAVOR” component and the “moisture” present. are thinner than the VG still not atomized. I came up with this silly analogy to explain it. think of a swimming pool filled up with basket balls, and you toss in a bucket of marbles (being the flavor/moisture) . the marbles will hit the bottom of the pool(your tongue) overloading your tongue…

so what I think is if u use high VG like me (only vg, tinker with pdo). age it for up to a month or two with a lower % of SC than you would if u used higher PG. (if you add more PG say 70/30 you could potentially go the other way and add more, because the pg will carry it and when atomized wont fall thru the basketballs onto your tongue (in that order)
thats just my crazy observation, of vaping exclusively rf sc’s for months now.

also cheesecake.
i found perfect mix ratio to be about .37 if your mixing with single flavors like strawberry / raspberry etc.
the cheese cake is actually a very FULL BOLD flavor. it has flavor in all the spectrums. its actually one of the BOLDEST RF SC’s i have tried. if you can get it to settle down. you will find its more about the cheesecake filling than it is the base. but you will have to admit. when you finally taste it how it is (not over powered) it is the most realistic tasting cheesecake flavor i have tried. ny cheese cake. meh. i dont get it at all. the others cheesecake graham crust… meh. they all just junk to me tbh. they taste like immitation is what i would call them… your talking to someone who mixed RF SC CHEESECAKE @ 2.5% and vaped it… lol. it was like inhaling a mothball. almost wheezing out of breath for a while.
probably find my posts about it some where. just try it at .37. i dont use more than .67 in mixes now when i want it to be the major part of the flavor . top up some meringue and a bit of lemon or a berry


I just got all those flavors too and and was wondering what % you mixed at? The Pecan Pie smells great but I haven’t had any free time to try any of them yet, just smell them all and they all smell great.


3% on all of them.


see I was using them all @ around 2 to 2.25 % and certain flavors like “apple pie” i was excited that @ 3% it was more present flavour (higher throat hit as well tbh) and i went from there when everyone else was saying “oh 3% is the sweet spot” so i made lots of single flavs @ 3% almost all of them i have. anyway i noticed cause i use 100% vg. its too much.
when u eventually get it homogenize being 100% vg. is there excessive flav still present? im guessing thats whats hitting your tongue the instant VG gets hot it drops its load of “too much sc” on ya tongue and its great for a hit or two but then u cant taste anything and just saturate your mouth with vg moisture… this is what i am experiencing. perhaps its a winter thing? i dont know. its strange. is anyone else getting this and confusing it with flavor fade?