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Real flavours fried chicken


@Plunderdrum I made that more as a novelty but wanted to see if I an up-front fried chicken would work in a mix. Yes that recipe has some good support for it and .25 would make the vape more tolerable but it would still be chicken. BTW I love the Aged Bourbon Cream. Very creamy, The bourbon isn’t dominant but definitely there. If tou like bourbon and don’t have this you should try it.


One of my favorites! Your assessment is right on with mine about the bourbon being subtle, but nice. This is one of my early favorites:


:rofl: i gotta try it!


OH Boy (he said with an exasperated tone in his voice)


I going to try this I think I have what I need.


Right on! Let me know how it goes if you do.


My order just turned up so i knocked up a 3% fried chicken tester.
After a good shake i couldn’t resist a try and its a good vape.
No nasty flavours just nice fried chicken. I have a tankfull in my Nautilus 2 and its going down well.


One day… What’s it like? Home Style FC or is it like a KFC? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More home made they don’t have the secret recepie for kfc.


I have the “Black Gold Bourbon Cream” mixed up. The ol’ drop on the finger test was tasty, going to let it steep, but I can already tell you I’m going to like this.


Dig it! It’s pretty rare that anyone mixes my recipes. I hope it turns out tasty!


I have a 4oz bottle I’ll give you. Tried to make a chicken in waffles juice but it’s seriously strong. I used 1% and probably should have used 0.25%


I used it in a juice at 0% and the juice was really nice. :grin:


There you go! Thats how you do it.


Ugh, I used it for the same mix, don’t know what I was thinking. It did taste like chicken n waffles but then I realized it was gross to vape. I use it and RFSC Baklava to drive the old lady crazy though, says it smells like I am farting out my mouth :crazy_face::grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The RFSC Fried Chicken does taste like the description though, maybe a little more on the chicken soup side but the 11 herbs and spices are there :face_vomiting: