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Real flavours fried chicken


Has anyone here tried real flavours fried chicken.
No luck with searching and verry little on recepie side.
Failing that what is recommended for real flavours sft %s the 2 on flavour details are 3 and 10.


Paging @Beaufort_Batches, savory reqest, line one :wink:


Not sure but I think @Bob_Bitchen has tried it.


I think i mixed up my double B-named mixers!


Yup! I did! Sorry for the misdial, @Beaufort_Batches!



Sorry for the late reply but after I tried TFA Fried Chicken when it first came out, I never tried another. TFA’s version tasted like burnt rancid MacDonald’s french fries and you cannot make me try the RF version, nooooooo, I won’t doooooo it!!!:wink:


You say that like it’s a bad thing.


McDonald’s french fries don’t turn rancid! They just dry out and stay around forever! Deliciously forever.



Which is exactly why I found the vapable version to be quite disturbing and traumatic.


It “WAS” bad!! Really “BAD!”


We often hear that people all have different tastes and palettes, especially so when it comes to DIY. But for the life of me I’ll never understand why/how someone can even entertain the notion let alone enjoy a Fried Chicken vape.
Maybe it’s only me but something about that is just wrong!


I was flavour shopping and just short of £35 for a discount code. Had a look at flavours found this and thought why not.
Not expecting to love it more just curious, and hey i like some fried chicken.
Even if it taste like ass and gets chucked im still 3 quid better off.


A nice addition to the Panty Dropper line of ejuices.




I can see it paired with waffles and maple syrup, chicken in the background


Do not try this at home. When tested it did taste like fried chicken. It makes for a terrible vape. After vaping you will need a new coil and wick. I just went and made this recipe public, but dont do it. really don’t.


I think i would need new taste buds tbh :nauseated_face:


Like a broken heart time will heal. Oh wait, now I having trouble with this new mix I’m trying. Somewhere from the back of my brain my mind is trying to impart that chicken taste to the forfront. scheesh


This may work if you drop the FC to 0.25%!