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Really? down again


wow, site has been having major problems lately, I can never seem to get the “what can I make” to work…always high server load


I just tried it. It worked for me.


yeah, it did after a few minutes.


I gots to say it. When times get ruff it’s bowser of a time. Lol.


Darned first-world problems


I’ve got a great fix for this problem if anyone’s interested.






Sometimes clearing your cache works. Then again sometimes it doesn’t. Clear all search history, cookies etc…


I know ya had some trouble last night @Rufftimes and we all know that sucks.

This here is a pretty big site and it is amazing to me that just one man is able to keep it up and running, be glad it aint me or you’d see 404 pages more than your recipes, hehe.

Stick with us and if willing you will learn everything you need to know about mixing some great liquids and might even meet a few great people. The positives will far outweigh the negatives.


What Ken said

Also i dont think there would be a more intense sql query than “what can I make” so if there are a bunch of people on the site doing similar things it wouldn’t take much to slow the server down (or at least time out the call).


Yesterday there were issues with everything loading slow. It was doing it on my PC and and my smart phone.


All good, I wasn’t pissy or anything lol, just new flavors in and excited!


Perfect! Exactly what I was gonna say