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Recipe for lots of smoke on the cheap?


the problem is that making a surface “hot” makes your batteries hot. Those stories of exploding batteries were often from mechanical mods (not auto-off) in peoples pockets firing accidentally for an extended period. Regulated devices (mods) have that 10-15 second auto-off feature so as not to accidentally explode the batteries if the button is pressed continuously (in a pocket or a hair-brained scheme :wink: ) Stay Safe! So it’s not about frying the coil so much as over heating your batteries …which are known to fail over certain temps …it’s even listed in battery specs. These batteries fail horribly …like M-80 firecrackers. Search YouTube for “exploding 18650 batteries”. Safety First!


Gotcha, keeping it safe :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I could use some kind of heat switch to keep the temperature sane or something…


I think perhaps your inquiries would be better suited in an electronics based forum.

Nothing good can come from attempting to repurpose the devices that are used for vaping, and I personally believe it’s a fool’s errand to attempt to do so, unless you are an engineer with the credentials to back it up. In which case, you’re still in the wrong forum for such matters.

Please try to keep any further such contributions on target. (I’m no mod, nor rules nut, but you’re stretching the bounds, and in a way that could present very negative consequences if such was attempted)


Everything has been said that needs to be.