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Recipe needs Pulp


Working on a very simple recipe
Only steeping a couple of days and so far I’m liking it. But, I’m missing something and I’ve searched high & low and can’t seem to find a concentrate that I can add Pulp to the recipe, to give it the mouth feel of from the lemon Any suggestions would be awesome. TIA


what is limette??? ive never seen this flavor


That’s ridiculous! I seriously doubt you’ll find any concentrate with pulp in it.
1- It would clog your wicks. Clogged wicks = dry hits.
2- Even if it got through the wicking it it would wreak havoc once it hits those hot coils


I can’t think of any flavor that provides pulp, but Lemon MF is the most accurate I’ve tried and it only take a drop or 2. @ 2 drops per 15 mls is very zesty IMO.

Be careful tho… @ 2 drops per 15 mls it might overrun a simple SB mix.


I usually put ap tpa at 0.5 - 1 % in my tobacco mix to get that “something in your mouth” feel. Not exactly pulp, because it’s more bakery ish. Grainy, maybe is the word?

I dont have tpa ap. I have ap 10% that is made by a local shop here. The percentage above is my calculation if i use tpa ap which is 5%.


You can do 0.25 lemon inw here add a bit more bite. Lemon mf would add more lemon and not a sharp immediate bite.


Not literally looking for Pulp, looking for the mouth feel of pulp. If that’s even achievable


No Flavor Notes on Limette (FA) is in my Flavor stash and figured I’d give it a try. I’m still searching and looking for any info. So I started low to see if it would add a zest possibly, after 3 days steep no (Lime zest) I’m just trying to think outside the box.
Couple more days if I’m not getting what I’m looking for I’ll just bump it up .5%
Not sure if you sent it to me @fidalgo_vapes or came from Germany from @MaxVape
Might be a discontinued concentrate.


If you want a pulp kind of flavor I would recommend blood orange by FW it’s great for that but definitely orange flavored maybe at low percentage it could be masked by your other citrus flavors! It sort of has a pulp mouth feel. Another one of the top of my head would be lime Tahiti cold pressed has a pulp ness about it but definitely needs to be used low like maybe .25-.5./. @whosyourdaddy


Thank you I was hoping and searching like mad. Guess I was on a mission. Lol
Trying to make the recipe as if it’s freshly squeezed lemons with a zest from the lime. Again thanks gonna do some reading on Blood Orange (FW)


Good luck on your search also be sure to check out cold pressed lime Tahiti!


That’s what I was originally going for, till I realized it was part of my stash and i never removed it once it was gone.


Sounds great thank you, not to sure how this Limette (FA) is going to work out as far as a zest. At least now I know that MF Lemon will do it and add to my cart too. Just gotta play on the super low end and hopefully will not over take anything.


It sounded pretty literal. Thanx for clarifying.


Isn’t this just the regular Lime Tahiti, but the German version?
When I google it, it gives nothing but German results… flavourart.com doesn’t have any limette


When I hear pulp I think of a chunky mouth feel too. :joy: The only way I know to get that is to squeeze a lemon or chew on one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



That’s the limette, FA changed the packaging for germany or the resellers did, either way instead of lime tahity distilled it will say limette. Don’t mix it up with lime tahity cold pressed or Florida key lime :wink:


Thank you @eStorm
New formula March 2010 Very sharp and strong taste, different from cold pressed. Fizzy. More indicated for refreshing drinks.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Cool I’ve at least got some info on it now. That’s what I’m really starting to like about and learn about is if I want a “Fizzy” mouth feel to the limeaid I’ve got a starting point. What I’m trying to achieve is to make it the way I like drinking limeaid for example.
I’m trying to take a simple drink and get the base of it the way I like it and add one flavor at a time and some how work each one into the recipe and move on to the next concentrate. So on and so forth. The whole making it the way I love it is a new learning area for me. It blows my mind that almost anything is achievable to make these recipes as realistic as you’d like.


Might try 0.2 % Tobacco Absolute (any brand worth a try).


One concentrate i have noticed lately that has a sort of pulp mouth feel is vta watermelon i know its not lemon lol but it sort of has a texture like watermelon imo. It is very strong tho and might add some texture to your vape at 1 drop per 30ml i got know idea if this would work for a lemon but think it would work for apple maby more just some thoughts anyway