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Recipes containing a particular concentrate you can make with your stash


Looking to use up particular concentrates so using the tool to search for recipes containing them yet I can’t simply then cipher out only recipes I can make with my stash with that particular concentrate. Is this possible and I’m missing it? If not is this a feature that can be added?


Provided you have your concentrates entered into your stash properly you could try



Yep, me being silly again…Did have to put in some of my flavours again - that’s annoying they’re all over the place like that.


Just curious…what’s all over the place?


I’d guess multiple versions of the same flavor rather than just one, which led to poor results for him, if I was asked to guess. Which I wasn’t.


Exactly that; I’ve sorted it now. Seems some flavours take a moment or two to load so whacked in the one with lesser use. A couple of flavours in my stash I didn’t even have but I’ll put that down to my fat thumbs.
Cheers chaps.