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Recipes for Eggnog flavors


Hey everyone, I come to you asking for help with one of my very favorite flavors; Eggnog. I think that eggnog flavored e-liquid is one of the best I’ve ever vaped. I have a recipe that I’ve been making now that I must have on hand at all times.
I personally prefer Capella’s version of Egg Nog as a starting point. Now today I found this recipe for eggnog Pie and I admit I need some help with creating a recipe for a perfect vape. I mean it’s eggnog, I love eggnog. It’s pie, I love pie. Eggnog Pie! What could be better than that? Here’s the recipe, would you please help me to turn this into pure vaping decadence?
2 small boxes instant vanilla pudding mix (4-serving size)
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 quart (4 cups) eggnog
1 12-oz. tub cool whip, thawed and divided
2 9-inch graham cracker crusts
Here’s a link to my recipe for Egg Nog e-liquid:
Best Darn Egg Nog
I want to thank everyone in this group, you’re absolutely the best! :slight_smile:


Add a teaspoon of your Eggnog (CAP)!


If you have a Graham cracker flavor and a cookie flavor, I’d play around with just adding those to the recipe you already love. Lots of info on Graham Cracker pie crust layering around here. I don’t have one nailed down, but im sure you can find some good tips. GL!


I was thinking I would have to create a whole new recipe to get that pie mouth feel. You suggest I take my recipe and add some graham cracker and cookie for a crust. All good ideas, thanks. What do you think about adding something like marshmallow or something else that would give it a “thicker” flavoring? The reason why I ask is because I tried adding some graham cracker (TFA) and cookie (Biscotti) (FA) and it turned out alright but was lacking in that pie flavor that I am thinking of. I probably sound like an idiot at this point, I do have experience with mixing, I am hitting a rough patch here, I have the DIY equivalent of writer’s block. What about Creme Brule (Inewera) it’s supposed to have an egg flavoring that might be a good addition and what about adding something like whipped cream? I’d like to know if there’s a cream cheese flavoring out there, because I thought that would be a nice addition.


I see! Didnt know you d already tried just adding crust elements. Yes, I’d say a good thick Custard or Creme Brulee + Whipped Cream would do nicely. Sounds like you already know what you need! I’ve had very good results with Creme Brulee RFVG(not SC, I haven’t figured it out yet, kinda thin) @ 2% and Whipped Cream FW 2 or 3%. I only use Marshmallow if I want to taste it, mine is an extract (NF) and if you use it for the mouth feel, you will also taste Marshmallow. Which I like a lot, but can’t use just as filler


I’d really love a good Egg Nog. But I’m different than most because I want only the Egg Nog, and no alcohol at all or pie crust or any of that, just like I drink it in real life. I have TFA and it’s good, but not full and lush like the real thing. Not sweet enough and too spice forward. If you come up with a good recipe that would still be good with the alcohol components removed, I’d be happy to hear about it…


I’m the same way, I don’t want other flavors really, unless they would serve to enhance the cream or egg. Flavorah Egg Nog is definitely a favorite, no pungent or overly spiced qualities. It’s pretty well balanced.

Almost like Pumpkin Spice FLV, I found other flavors to be too heavy, such as CAP Pumpkin Pie Spice, it was just downright awful, like burnt Clove. In fact it was all burnt clove, no smooth pumpkin or allspice to be found. But the Flavorah counterparts are just spectacular, both Eggnog and Pumpkin Spice. Their balance is what makes them so easy to use, and get right. A few creams and you have a delish Egg Nog without really trying.


I dont have most of those flavors, but I might suggest reducing the sweetener and add at least 5 weeks to your 7 day steep time.


Hmmm, wasn’t going to mix tonight but, saw this thread and now I just got to test this liquid barn flavor …


This is really important to get that feel you’re looking for, @VapinDave. I hadn’t read your recipe when I posted earlier. 4-6 weeks work wonders on Custards and Creams. Maybe try letting the version you added a crust layer to steep out for a while.


All very good ideas, Thanks @Plunderdrum for your input. I’ve not revisiting my eggnog flavored e-liquids, but I’m ready to get going on it again. Been vaping more tart and sour fruits, like citrus and strawberry stuff over the summer. It’s been too damn hot for Eggnog.


It is getting to be a good time to start tinkering with Fall and Winter recipes. Good luck with the nog!


Truuue. Good time to bump this as your test EggnogV5 won’t be steeped till October :wink: Keepin’ an eye out


Just thinking of what I have on-hand, starting the experiment with Creme Brulee (RFVG), Holiday Spice (TPA) and Cream (Milky Undertone (VG) (OOO) might get me somewhere.