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Recipes---How to save


Hi Guys

I have just joined the site and need a bit of help with saving recipes. I have done my first couple of diy private recipes and they won’t save.

Your help would be appreciated.



Hi and welcome. Make sure you are hitting the Save button on the bottom of your recipe page. Do this every time you make an edit as well. Check out the guide too for more detailed info:



Thanks…yes I’m doing that. Just discovered that it was because I had ‘‘use vape ready nicotine mix’’ checked. Only problem now is I cant get my ratios to work so still can’t save…bloody annoying.

Any work arounds??


Thanks again to MisterSinner for responding. I just managed to save by changing nic strength so got the job done with a note to change the recipe back to vape ready nicotine mix.



No prob. Have fun on your journey!