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Recommendations on Key Lime


I’ve been working on a key lime pie for quite a while. The pie I have down but I haven’t quite gotten the key lime part where I’m satisfied yet. I’ve been using combos of keylime fw, lime Tahiti cold pressed fa, and rf key lime pie. I was curious if anyone else has has any keylime concentrates they recommend.


Try key lime by the perfumers apprentice, that flavour is the dogs nads!!! Works great in my Neon Green Slush clone… try it, I’m sure you will be satisfied :+1:


FA Florida key lime is really good. As well as TFA key lime.


Yeah, i have Fa Key Lime in my stash but havent cracked it open yet, glad to see it recommended. Was hoping this thread was gonna be suggestions of what to make with this fa key lime, besides the obvious pie, lol.


I made a cherry limeade with it. pretty good. I haven’t used it for anything else but that and the pie.


I too am working on a Key Lime Pie this is what I came up with so far still a work in progress


Let us know how it turns out.


I will mixing it tomorrow


Kept the key lime very low and still needed a week to calm. enjoying this though. Ran out of custard halfway through so the fresh cream is a bit high and, well, basically had to change what i was doing once i ran out of custard. But its pretty good, imo


Looks good. I’m curious how JF biscuit compares to Inawera biscuit?


From reviews, from where i dont remember, but a couple of people were saying its great and a replacement for inw biscuit plus fa cookie. Im not much of a critic but am def liking it a lot so far in the mixes ive tried it in, kinda buttery. I actually bought it for BBs Cannoli (@Beaufort_Batches) and thats terrific, imo. This is currently the only jf flavor i have. Ecx carries it and diyvaporsupply does, along with a LOT of other brands.


JF Biscuit is a bit heavier than INW Biscuit and you need a bit more steep with JF Biscuit. Both are great though and both replace each other well, however, I like JF just a tiny bit better single flavor use but both have their place in recipes where one will work better than the other.