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Red Burley (flavorah) flavor pairings


My favorite flavor is red Burly by Flavorah. I’m curious which flavors pair well with it and what others have found it to be a good mix with? I’d like to keep the flavor of the red Burly as the main base and just add some different small tastes to the mix.



But not all in the same mix and very small quantities for a very light highlight note.


thanks! do you think toffee would work?


Yep… caramel too.


awesome, cheers!


Of lately I mixed it with Western (TPA) and Latakia (NET, la tabaccheria), it came out a good, out of the schemes tobacco mix…



More than welcome to look thru my tobaccos @ZenCloud79

You might want to try my winstin first, then make red burley the dominant flavor of it too :wink:


cool ty all


Try any dark fruits, bourbon or whiskey, caramel/toffee/sugary stuff, chocolate, coffees, creams, nuts, mints, vanilla, wood flavors and not to forget: other tobaccos!


Taste is so personal & subjective, but this one is as close to an ADV as I’ve ever come, with my tobacco mixes. I know you said you wanted to use the Red Burley as the primary flavor, but in this recipe it’s very close 2nd. If nothing else, it gives you a couple of other tobacco flavors that I think works well with the RB.


(I name my favorite tobacco recipes after Dick Tracy villains) :grin:
Good luck. Red Burley is a great flavor to experiment with!


Ahhh! Tobacco, tobacco, and tobacco. :grinning: …the perfect combination.


How can one possibly go wrong?

The Mumbles was actually a product of my convoluted tank mixing style. I wanted to fill a tank, and just surveyed my single flavor mixes. Ok 3 eye droppers of this, 2 eye droppers of that, and 1/3 of an eye dropper that. I usually miss those home run moments, tank mixing, because I forget what flavors I added. :grin: This one I remembered and wrote it down. From there I was able to translate it into a recipe.

I have very few non tobacco flavors in my arsenal. I could close my eyes and pick any three and chances are very good that it will be tobacco, tobacco, & tobacco! (I do it all the time) :crazy_face: