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[REQ] 13th floor elevapors Django


I’m still in a state of disbelief about this, but I’ve actually done it. All this work has finally paid off. I’ve blind tested this latest version and it’s almost identical to my old, steeped version of Django (pre-TPD). I’ve also handed out several bottles to friends who’ve vaped Django for years, and not only do they think it’s accurate, they actually prefer my version to the new TPD approved version. (The new TPD approved version has been reformulated - it’s now 60/40 VG/PG, and is thus a little more bitter.)

I managed to nail the vanilla milk & caramel base from sniff testing my old bottle of Django, and comparing with my iterations. I feel I should apologise, as my palette has become a lot more refined since I started this thread. All that talk of butterscotch in Django turns out to be a load of nonsense.

There’s no butterscotch in Django.

Yup. You read that right. And I apologise for sending everyone off down an erroneous path. There’s a very obvious caramel aroma from the bottle, which also has this anomalous “dark” sweetness, which - when combined with the distinctive Capella Vanilla notes - my unrefined palette took to resemble “butterscotch”, but it’s not. This dark sweetness comes from FA Maple Syrup. I’m 100% sure about this. If you combine a very small touch of FA Maple Syrup with FA Caramel, you immediately get the Caramel with dark sweetness that’s in Django.

Then comes the tobacco revelation. I randomly bought a batch of various tobaccos from Inawera back in June 2017. I single flavor tested all of them, and - as usual with all my tobacco testing and comparisons with the tobacco note in Django, I was almost completely disappointed. But there was one that stood out. Inawera Royal Club Tobacco (also known as Royal Yacht Tobacco). In my 3% single flavour test, there were faint hints that were reminiscent of Django.

Long story short, I ended up figuring out that Royal Club / Royal Yacht is a very weak flavour. (You can verify this from looking at the Polish reviews on the Inawera forum.) It needs to be bumped right up around the 20% mark to get any noticeable flavour.

Once you do that. Bam. It’s Django!

I’m still playing around with the perfect percentage of Royal Club, but I’ve found somewhere around 23-25% is about right, when mixed in with the vanilla caramel milk.

This is essentially the final recipe. If you want a 1:1 clone, use CAP Vanilla Custard v2 at the same percentage as v1 in this recipe, and steep for a month. If you don’t mind v1, you can basically shake and vape this, but it does improve mildly with a 7 day steep.

Django 1:1 Clone

Ingredient %
Caramel (FA) 0.7
Maple Syrup (FA) 0.3
Royal Club Tobacco (INAWERA) 23.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 2
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 1

Mix at 70 VG / 30 PG & Steep for 7 days.


I do have to ask, 23% for royal club tobacco inw?is that correct?



Yes. Around 23%. Inawera Royal Club / Royal Yacht is EXTREMELY weak. As I wrote towards the end of the notes, it needs to be bumped up around the 20% mark to get any of its qualities to fully shine through a mix.

I know it seems absurd, and I couldn’t believe it myself until I tried it. But it works. And it’s substantiated by the Polish reviews on the Inawera forum. (Most of the reviews said it needed between 15-25% to get any noticeable flavour.)


If this feed is still active. I just got some Holy Grail RY4. Damn close smell and taste to DJANGO. I’m thinking of adding some Caramel and Vanilla and should come close.



I mixed 60ml 3 days ago using VC-CAP(v2) and it’s already coming together as a smell. It’s been more than 8 months since I last tried django, but I have to say this does smell very promising. Many thanks for your efforts and posts :smile: Keep it up :wink:

I’ll be posting again in about 2-3 weeks time when I get to actually vape it.


this is a request ive seen going around for years now, reddit and ELR alike. well done!

now wheres my checkbook, gotta buy some tobacco stuff and mix it at… 23.5%? !!!
haha jk
finally got a good reason to buy maple syrup


Can anyone provide a substitute for the royal club INW, the only place I can find it is on the INW website, 2.50 bottle, 8 dollar shipping or so. I found Royal, that looks like a FA sub here.

Thanks for the advice


Ok, so the tester results are in… It’s been steeping for almost 20 days and my thoughts are the following:

  • The custard/milk base feels spot on.
  • There is a significant throat-hit. I’d say that its dryness almost compares to RY4D-TFA which hasn’t been let to breath (that stuff is close to unvapeable w/o breathing).
  • There is a distinct/overpowering spicy-ness, which I don’t recall in Django. In fact, i would go as far as to say that it reminded me of RY4-Nutzilla (FA) which is way too spicy for my taste.

Overall, I think that the recipe would benefit from less Royal-Club-tobacoo(INW), a touch of RY4D, 1 drop of MTS per 15ml, and 2-3 hours of breathing post-mixing (at least!). So basically, i’ll try to mix the following over the coming weekend:

  • Caramel (FA) 0.7%
  • Maple Syrup (FA) 0.3%
  • Royal Club Tobacco (INW) 18%
  • RY4 Double (TFA) 2%
  • Flue-cured (HGN) 0.5% (not 100% convinced on this one)
  • Sweet Cream (CAP) 2%
  • Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP) 1%
  • 1 drop of MTS VapeWizard (FA) per 15ml

@horizonism can you confirm whether your recipe requires breathing or not, and perhaps give some indication about its dryness? I’m just trying to figure out whether yours came out as dry as mine? It really surprised me (not in a good sense). Mine is sort of tolerable, but miles away from the smoothness of django.
Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


@Daniel33 @horizonism @Chrispdx

What an awesome and aspiring thread this is. I just read it from beginning and the amount of collaboration and effort you all put into this was amazing. I never tasted the original but will mix up a batch of your last creation. After all this effort I think it has to be amazing! Plus it sounds good