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[REQ] Alien piss


Hey all!

Pretty new to DIY and wondered is anyone has tried to clone ALIEN PISS by Big Bang? I’ve made 4 mixes but still not that close. Any ideas would be great.

Description - Blue Raspberry Lemonade With A Twist


Here is my current mix http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1019127/Blue+raspberry+lemonade+%28Alien+Piss%29


No I haven’t tried it yet. I did want to say good job posting your work regarding where you are at and linking back to the company.


This is the best REQ post I’ve seen, all others need to take note…

@CosmicTruth Do you know anything about this? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I see "ice cold lemonade "

Maybe some Koolada in there??


This might be the crucial link…having not tasted it myself I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess! Do you get anything else from it apart from the blue Ras and lemonade? :thinking:


I believe this is the secret ingredient, but it is so hard to bottle.


I could not figure out why you tagged me, then it hit me LOL.
No I will not, nor have I ever pee’d in a bottle. So the original is not my “creation” (AFAIK).
This is tho an interesting looking flavor combination I’d like to try once the recipe is developed. My attempts at cloning a juice were not successful, but I always come up with something that is vape-able, just not the same as the original. Don’t hit me but I haven’t gotten into the coolant additives.


Not really, it’s just has lighter notes and much smoother than what i’m producing.


Heading to outer space for additive


Perfect, this is what i’m looking anymore ideas?


Koolada @ 1-2%

Maybe someone else can give suggestions for lemonade and blue raspberry?

I’m thinking raspberry ice pops type flavour maybe…


Stoped by one of their locations, not where they mix and the guy said he thought the twist was Lavender. I don’t taste any but I will give it a go


One stop diy Arnold palmer 10%
Bilberry fa 3%
Raspberry FA 4%

I’m vaping this in a tank right now. They’re pink lemonade is really good and so is they’re sweet tea.


I’m gonna revive this thread.
Because I am on the hunt for a blue raspberry lemonade. I bought some at my local B n M. It’s an in house juice, and they are private people.
Anymore ideas for this topic?


Okay confession time, I took time to read some of the br threads. Upon reviewing it further there is an awesome compilation of notes and thoughts already. My bad gang!



Excellent! I shall get all those flavors and try it out! Thanks!



Hell yes man! Thanks! Whoot!!


Also, I was looking on bull city flavors and wondering if it’s the blue razz Taffy? Or do I need to look elsewhere?
Derp: I found it on nic river!