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[REQ] Baie Crème from Lost Fog - basis for discussion


Hello everyone,
I try to clone Baie Crème from LOST FOG for a while now. But every time … I’m not get even close to it.
Now I searched for any hint in the internet and made a recipe attempt out of it.

I would be very happy if someone here who knows -Baie Crème- could also take a look on this attempt. I am open to any ideas to get this ON-Spot.



the fruit mix in the lost fog is Great and hard to nail down let me know how close you get id love to see someone get this right


me too my friend…me too! So hard! :slight_smile:


For those who don’t know what it is: honey whipped cream with passion fruit and “exotic” berries. I paraphrased from Lost Fog’s over-flowery description. :wink:


Oh…thank you JoJo. Forgotten to add this info to the first post! :relaxed:


if only the description helped solve the attempt lol i think ill buy a bottle ( online ) i do think it could be creamier , do you think adding some tpa honeydew might help ??? i use that a lot and always get the honey taste upfront


I also think it need to be creamier…I don’t own tpa honeydew…not yet…time to test it i guess. What was your closest try?


i never got close not even remix status lol , i havent had a project and havent been mixing anything new for awhile but i am going to get this juice and try to do something , when i tried i didnt have half the flaves i do now , are you in the USA o could send you some TPA honey dew i buy it in 4oz bottles i absolutely love it


No I am from germany…but thanks for the offer! tpa honeydew is also available here…I go and get it :slight_smile:


buy 10ml some dont like it some do i love it but have a feeling at a low percent .5 to 1pct it could play a role in creating something like the baie creme ill make yours i may have to switch a couple brands but thats ok and ill let you know what i think


Cool…but keep in mind…the recipe above is not tested…it’s just a discussion basis. But, tomorrow I will mix it…and let it steep a while. I am curious about how close it get…but my hope is -1 :wink:


oh not tested lol thats ok lol im gonna get the original i use to like it so i wont mind i might even be able to trade a local store owner lol i typically dont try to clone but rather remix something yo come close or better for me lol since cloning is so hard and ime damn near impossible


cnt get this off my mind , i am grabbing a bottle from the local store , i just have to make him my gravel pit remix lol , im thinking

harvest berry or forest fruit
passion fruit
honey ( barely )
cream whipped FA

not sure of percents but i assume they use tpa / cap / and fw i know they outsource to a company to make their products ive listed 6 flaves and that about as many as most vendors use its very rare they use much more than that anyway after tasting it ill start messing with it , im actually excited to try this juice again its been well over a year the black currant is a good choice to make the FF POP


Best of luck to you! I love being inspired as well! I’m not familiar with that one, but I’ve already cloned some of my local faves here… feverish mixing to get em, but that is always the best part for me.


I also wish you luck! - Hopefully with combined syringe power we can do this! Marshmallow seems a good ingredient for it…hmm


Ok…now I tried the attempt for the first time … the overall direction is “okay”…but way to melonish…what about your attempt fidalgo_vapes?


i havent even tried but will soon sorry just havent had the time to actually mix anything :frowning:


ok buddy here is my first. attempt mixing now , i had all kinds of stuff out this is what i settled on click on it to see full recipe