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[REQ] Beard No. 24 - Salted Caramel Malt


Just paste the complete (non-short) URL on a line by itself :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: Thank you!


Flavour Art has a Barley Malt.


Oooh, that might go good in my perpetual check clone. I found a clone someone else did, tweaked it to be even closer to the original (imo), but it’s still missing something…


wondering if you have an update on the Beard 24 recipe. I am looking for a clone as well and was hoping you’ve had some success


So, I am finally back from a two week trip. I made my first attempt tonight. My initial thoughts are in the notes of the recipe. I haven’t tried it yet, so please don’t mix up a big batch quite yet. :innocent: Most of you have much more experience with ratios than I, so any thoughts are appreciated.


10/17/16 - First vape. It is surprisingly close in flavor profile. It is definitely not sweet enough, but the malt is coming through. The custard is still bright and milky.

What would you all suggest for sweetening this concoction? Sweetener (sucralose), Cotton Candy…?


When in doubt, always use marshmallow. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t use the cotton candy. You already have EM in there and that is all cotton candy is. In fact, I’d replace the EM with Marshmallow at around 2%. If you need it sweeter than that, I’d use sucralose.


this looks nice, I may have to have a crack at it :yum::+1:


It’s funny. Last night, after writing this post, I decided to have some ice cream - Rocky Road. Looking down at all of that velvety chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and ding ding ding marshmallows. I said (yes, actually out loud), “Duh! Marshmallow.” And that’s the story of how I completely agree with you! :smile:


That is funny cuz I just love when people agree with me!! What a coincidence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!


Well @JoJo, it might please you to know that I agree with you too!!.. MM all the way!! wow, could that be another coincidence?!:wink:
This recipe sounds good, but I dont have butter pecan or malted milk …Do’h! next order


Mixed another batch subbing EM for FA Marshmallow. I’ll let you know how it vapes in a couple of days.


You may wish to try Toasted Marshmallow (TFA) , which should go well with the malt…and add sweetness.


I took your recipe and tweaked it a bit. Here is what I came up with. Would appreciated everyone thoughts on it. Thanks for the start.


I will mix your recipe this weekend. I have been tweaking my recipe over the past three weeks, and I seem to be only making it worse, which is why I haven’t posted any updates. I look forward to trying yours! Thanks for updating this page with your recipe!

@ozo I will be receiving Toasted Marshmallow this coming Monday. I think that is a superb suggestion.


I recently decided to try the Barley Malt. The FA Barley Malt is strong and does not do the same thing as Nature Flavors Malt which is what most mixers would want to get here IMO. I am using the FA Barley Malt in a mix steeping ATM and I was surprised at what it did to the mix I made prior to testing. I assumed it would make a similar effect as NF Malt but instead of adding the chocolatey silky smooth tones it added a wine cooler type effect. I had to reset and reload the flavors and go to testing on that note as it was nothing like what I was expecting.


I apologize for not updating this sooner. I did give up on this, for a good reason. :sunglasses: I stumbled upon a completely different recipe that is so close (at least to my taste buds) that I stopped trying.

Let me know if you agree. Happy vaping!


Hi guys
Check it, please http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2710779/Beard+24
I found it on one russian recipes site