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[REQ] Candy King-Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice Clone


Has anyone tried to clone this? I really like this juice and I’m trying to clone it and think I’m close, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m new to DIY(within the last 6 weeks or so). Here’s where I’m at currently:

Bubblegum(TPA) - 6%
Cactus(INW) - .13%
Strawberry(TPA) - 6%
Super Sweet(CAP) - .5%
Watermelon Candy(TPA) - 8 %
WS-3 - .75%

I’m thinking the Bubblegum could be the Juicy/fruity TPA version, but I’m not sure. I’ve tried using FW- Bubblegum, but it has a cinnamon backnote to it that’s not in the commercial juice. It also seems as though the flavor percentage might be higher than what I have. I have the original currently and have been tasting/vaping it while trying to copy it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Black Cherry - FA + Jungle Juice FW has a strong bubblegum taste to me


Hmmm. What percentages would you suggest? I tried my sample again after 2 weeks and it’s no where near the mark. In fact it went the opposite direction, so I back to the beginning.



Thanks. Guess it’s time to order some more flavoring. Have you tried the Candy King?


I actually made your Thug juice recipe and it was weird at first, but it grew on me and I actually like it alot. The only thing is the Jungle juice takes over most of the other flavors in the blend and I don’t think it would give the bubblegum flavor of the Candy King I’m looking for. Would you think 1% Black Cherry to 3% Jungle juice would even it out? I made a Ruthless EZ Duz it clone recipe found on here and it is close to the Watermelon and Strawberry in the Candy King flavor, I just need to get the Bubblegum flavor down. Any insight would be appreciated.


Jungle Juice is a really potent flavor, i’m sure you could lower it to even out. I found the Black Cherry can help, but its really concentrated (to me) to use in high %'s. increase in slow increments. I don’t recall ever using black cherry about .5% so maybe? and thanks for the kind words! haha


Hey, just a thought, Honeydew has always given me a good bubblegum effect. Maybe toss a dash in if you have some.


I don’t have any unfortunately. I did order 2 bottles of the commercial juice for testing purposes, that and I really like it.