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[REQ] Chain vapez sauce


I’m trying to figure out what they used so I can try something else with it. I love this juice just the way it though.


Hiya Optimus. Can you give the mixers here any info on the juice you are trying clone? Maybe a link to the description of the juice, what you taste when you vape it. Have you attempted to clone it yet? If so what have you tried?


I’ve tried different combos of

Lemonade (la)
Lemon Sicily (fa)
Juicy lemon (cap)
Raspberry (fa)
Raspberry concentrate (inw)
Raspberry v2 (cap)
Sweet raspberry (tfa)
Strawberry (tfa)
Strawberry ripe (tfa)

…some with EM some without, same with sweetener and marshmallow (tfa). Thank you for the reply.


Have you tried adding Sour to it? Just a thought.


Little tiny bit of sour (under 1%) little bit of strawberry (under 1%) and a little bit of citric acid will change the raspberry into something awesome (the lemon in the original is used for exactly the same reason to make the raspberry more tart and realistic).

Good luck


I’ve never used citric acid or sour, think I’ll put them on my next order. I love raspberry but can never get a good adv flavor, maybe that’s what I’ve been missing. Thank you for your help.