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[REQ] Cloud Nurdz Strawberry Grape


Has anyone tried this or tryed copying it? I’ve googled it and scoured the forums and recipe list for anything similar. Tbh I’m not sure if it even tastes like nerds candy but it is my favorite juice from the vape store but I’m tired of 20$ a pop when I know its got like 10 cents worth of ingredients.


Chapel ( @Har_d_vape I think? ) has a recipe pack on BCF called Nerd Lyfe that might be close. Here’s the recipe I found on ELR:

Nerd Lyfe (v2)

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1.00
Marshmallow (FA) 0.50
Rainbow Drops (TPA) 3.60
Red Licorice (TPA) 4.75
Sweet and Tart (TPA) 3.00

Flavor total: 12.85%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


Wow, I had literally just finished mixing that up to see how it was. The licorice comes through strong lol. But it isn’t similar at all. That cloud nurdz is strictly just strawberry and grape with some kind of candy base from what I can tell.


Have you try Grape Candy TFA and Strawberry Ripe TFA? I also like to use Cotton Candy TFA as candy base at about 8% and 0.75-1.5% Sweetener.


Haha well it was worth a shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

For candy bases, I know Real Flavors has one. I have Flavorah’s Candy roll and to me it comes out as more of a smarties than a nerds but it might work. It needs a long steep, but NicVape’s Rainbow Candy kinda resembles candy. It reminds me more of lychee though.

There’s a plethora of Strawberry flavors out there, but grape is tough. I haven’t had the grape candy TPA, but I have had their grape juice. Unfortunately, it was one of those flavors I got when I first started DIY and I am pretty sure I got rid of it before I took any notes or tested it as a single. Flavorah’s grape is like a grape soda or diet grape juice. NicVape’s grape is straight up grape taffy or bubble gum.

And here ends my knowledge of grape and candy. Good luck!


The grape candy for some reason reminds me of robitussin. Maybe I’ll order grape juice. Didn’t think about using cotton candy but I only have blue raspberry so I’ll pick some of that up also.


You have to remember that Cotton Candy (10% ethyl maltol) sometimes need long steep 4-6 weeks.


Made this just playing around when first mixing. Actually not bad at all!


Maybe a base of Dweeb Candy (WF)
mixed with Grape Candy (TPA) and Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) would get close.


I bought another bottle the other day to refresh my memory on the flavor. It is definitely sweet and tart. Not sure which brand with just light notes of strawberry and grape. After trying grape candy and grape juice I don’t think it is either one. Tbh I kind of gave up after I realized the amount of sweetener that they had to have been adding. I wish I could make it close enough without atleast 3% sweetener.


You could also use grape (clear) (LA) it works well as a candy grape


For a Nerds base try THIS, it works quite well, and as for a good grape that works well as a candy grape, try Grape (clear) (LA)… Wizard labs carries it…


I have never had the eliquid in question but it has got me interested enough to mix my take on the flavour description.
Will it taste like the original?
Hell no! But it will be good, hopefully? Lol
So I’m going to start with Wonder Flavors sweet and sour purple drink, this one has actually surprised me and seems like it will fit the grape and sour part nicely. Next up is my new found love, FA Juicy Strawberry and I think I will add some FA pear for a nice wet sweetness and maybe some FA lemon Scicily?
If I need a candy base then Real Flavors Candy Base will do just fine?
Looking forward to trying this out!


I have the dweeb candy and the pixy sticks from WF. Have tried both, while the juice wasn’t bad it wasn’t quite there. If I wasn’t stuck on this I could make something really good with that lmao. I was mixing something else with dragon fruit and I think that might be in there. Might be RF Grape, Juicy strawberry, raspberry, and dragonfruit.


Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% PG)

VG dilutant

Total base

Dragonfruit (TPA)

Grape Juice (TPA)

Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA)

Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA)

Sweet and Tart (TPA)

Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA)


that is where I am right now, its about 75% there. Definitely tastes good need to adjust the percentages a bit maybe. It is still missing some of the tartness, maybe more sweet and tart or maybe there is a grape flavor that is tart.


Interwebb, did you ever get this recipe figured out? The Nurdz strawberry grape has been my only vape for about two months now. I love it! Would love to make some … lmk?



(sorry for the long delayed response)

I think I have it pretty close but the the grape i use is such an overpowering flavor that i seem to lose the candiness of the strawberry… the trick to the nerds part is to use a mix of other candies.

You can only use so much Dweeb Candy by (WF) before it tastes super bitter and ruins anything… And by not much, I mean like .25-.4% and .4 may be pushing it. you only use it for that nerdy aroma that the candy has when you chew. (I know that’s a strange description)

For the other parts of the candy I use Pixie Stick Candy (wf)… not a ton or it will just taste like Pixie Stix like 1- 2%… a little… like .3 or .4 of Jawbreaker (FW)… the combo of the pixie stick and jawbreaker is just at the point of dry so you will need sweetener of course and malic acid for the pucker note.

The Grape i use is Grape (clear) LA … make sure it’s not Grape (colorless) They say they are the same flavor but the colorless is more of a grape drink flavor so you won’t get help with the “candy” aspect from that… so I stick to grape (clear) But it’s super potent when combared to strawberry.

And finally, the strawberries I have been using is a combo of Sweet Strawberry (CAP), Shisha Strawberry (INW), and regular Strawberry (TPA) … with ethyl maltol and the sweetener I have just started using is Super Sweet (PUR) is incredibly sweet and does so much better than SS (CAP) …

End Of Ramble



So does that mean you’ve narrowed down a recipe that is close to cloud nurdz strawberry grape? All these months later and its still my only vape … found some online in LA for $10 a bottle … bought 4 … but Id love to be able to make it … even something close…


I found this description of the flavor on a web site … it may give some insight into what flavors they use to make it:

The ripe strawberries blend amazingly with the slightly tart grape flavor. These flavors are all bound together by a candy flavor that makes the juice hard to put down.

Looks like Ripe Strawberry, some kind of a tart grape or maybe a grape plus something that will tarten it, then an added candy flavor … might even be some added sweetner in there as well … I dont know if any of my grape flavors are tart and I dont know of any that are known to be tart but imma look around and see what I can find … cloning this recipe would be BOMB