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[REQ] Constable Coconut Cookies MBV


Since I live in PA, I have to file a tax form and pay 25% tax on all vaping products. I love Constable Coconut Cookies from Mt Baker. Does anyone have a a recipe for this? TIA!


I am also a resident of PA. I would never tell anyone to do anything unlawful. I will tell you that the Wholesale Floor Tax in PA is 40%. I can also tell you that if Governor Wolfe wants to collect that tax he can come to my house personally.
The same way I and 1000 other members of the Vaping Community went to the Capital to warn him that levying this egerigous tax would cost the Commonwealth tax revenue. By causing Small Business Owners to close their doors. Sending much needed Tax dollars to Bordering & other States. In the form of online sales. As well as put additional burden on the already strained revenue system of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You see Governor Wolfe isn’t willing to limit and take control of over spending and misappropriation of tax revenue. But I digress, sorry to derail your post.


@Mariannef2 Here you go, I think you will really enjoy this mix. I remember Mount Baker Vapor from when they were still in Washington State. I can’t say I have ever really enjoyed anything they produced with the exception of Moo Milk or Blue Milk? I don’t really remember the name :slight_smile: Shameless self promotion, This is better than MBVs http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/914125/CoConut+Capsize


I know. PA sucks. It’s the Communist State of Pennsylvania. Gov. Wolfe is exactly what his name says. I became a member of CASAA and wrote to everyone I could during the big fiasco. But the state stood to lose too much tobacco money and money talks.


Thank you!