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[REQ] Cubano Vgod recipe


hey everyone
does anyway have a recipe for cubano by vgod
there is few recipies on the website but none of them are even close
need the support of experts :slight_smile:


Sorry. No help here. I’ve never even tried that juice. Maybe you could put some of your recipes/attempts here and do your best to describe what is missing.


Cubano tastes just like a great Cuban Cigar smells topped off with a drizzle of vanilla cream! If you enjoy a rich, robust, Cuban tobacco flavor mellowed with creamy smooth vanilla goodness then look no further than Cubano.
well and its the only eliquid that i feel the harsh of the cigar or cigarette inside it
like u are vaping a real cigar or cigarette


you can really feel rich of cigar and harsher
with rich of creamy
i am not sure if there is a little bit of banana cream
maybe a bit of vanilla bean ice cream
but someone should taste it to understand what i mean :slight_smile: