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[Req] Devil's Punchbowl Ice


Has anyone come up with a clone of Devil’s Punchbowl Ice by Khali Vapes? I’ve found a punchbowl clone on here by @Hutchy1 but not sure what nuances there are for the mentholated version. Any help by you amazing people would be greatly appreciated.

Punchbowl clone :


How is the “iced” part of the version you look for? In your face kind of cooling or more subtle? Sure its a menthol and not just a cooling agent like koolada or ws-23? As in, it tastes like menthol on top of the fruits?

Why I wonder is cause if its straight up just chilled, without the clear distinct menthol flavour, you are looking at just adding some koolada or ws-23 (whatever you prefer), to the recipe you posted :slight_smile: While if theres menthol, I’m not sure how to go about it, cause then you will probably have to wrangle in some menthol into the fruits.

Make small batches and try with some cooling, might be on the right path already with that recipe :smiley: Good luck.


Haven’t really experimented with koolada or ws-32 which sounds like the right path and why I was at a complete loss. I was worried about adding menthol to the fruit because of the distinct flavor that isn’t present in the original. Thanks for the suggestion @Mausberg. Do you know an easy way to explain the difference between the 2 (koolada and ws-32)?


I’ll sadly admit I was being lazy but have since found the difference through the forums. Koolada (ws-3) gives a cooling effect, while ws-23* (not ws-32) gives a much stronger cooling effect. With that I believe I’ll start with koolada at a 1-1.5% in small batch testing and see where that leaves me. Thank you again for your help


Koolada can also add a slight sweetness, while ws-23 is mostly flavorless. I would start low on both, like 0.25 and then work your way up from there if needed :smiley: If you have the original juice you can kinda compare them side by side for cooling effect.


Koolada as well as Menthol will add this taste to the juice. So does WS at higher percentage or well if not careful enough, as well as adding a weird chemical off note in my experience.

Polar Blast by FlavourArt does have no taste at all, if used below 2%, still wouldn’t go that high with it lol. However it adds a nice subtle cooling to the back of your vape, kinda on the exhale, increases so higher you go. This can be combined with WS if you want the right straight upfront and in your face cooling (inhaling), as well as the cooling in the exhale.

I never vaped the juice in question, just throwing that in here as suggestion.


Never vape juice with cooling effects, apart from when I make some for my friends (just to taste, its dreadful, then again I’m a custard head). And they want to melt faces, we are talking 2% ws-23 and the likes. I might have to get polar blast, in combination with ws-23, to up the ante some. Maybe I can scare them off :rofl:


I don’t vape lots of cooled juices either, but most of the time when making a ice cream or a frozen yogurt, I’ll add the polar blast to make it more realistic. Warm Ice cream is not something I enjoy :wink:

But I have a couple of friends I mix for, that love slushies, iced fruits for whatever reason, and then I do have to combo the WS with the polar blast at some higher percentage then I would normally use.

Everything Vanilla is my thing, and yes custards, but I don’t mind a couple different things here and there at time. And in OP’s case it might actually work, maybe not lol


I was on a custard kick for a while but recently got some friends to switch to vaping and all of them found this juice at about the same time. I’ll also admit it’s a lot better vape than I expected and have caught myself paying 20+ for a 60ml more than I care to admit.


Mixed something completely different researching tropical fruit + ice because of this requeat… Steeping, but smells/tastes promising ( and finally a way to use fa flavours I bought on megasale )


Let me know how that turns out. Sounds good but has a lot going on in that mix. All pair well and definitely a good candidate for the cooling effect so it has peeked my curiosity


Will do, I have subbed 1:1 Arctic winter for the TPA menthol (66%) and it is a bit heavy on the menthol at the moment. I’ll pop it in my pocket for trying out next. All fruit, should not need too much steep.


Just tried now, it is pretty pleasant. For me the mango/guava/passion is the forefront. I wonder if the fa flavours are pushing the inw out of the way. The pineapple is around but less present. Maybe a swap for pineapple rfsc that is never in the background could work as well for a more pineapples experience.
I left out the sweetener and swapped arctic winter for TFA menthol 1:1.

It also has a bit more throat hit than I’d like. Might be me trying is a hotter tank than my usual though.


I was a bit surprised to see pineapple in the punchbowl recipe at all because you don’t taste it and though there is a lot of peach it gets over powered by the guava. I’m really curious to see how it turns out but I’m waiting on a shipment so I can mix it up. I have a feeling I’m going to be tinkering for a while. I don’t need an identical match but if I can get a comparable flavor profile I’ll be happy


I was referring to the recipe I later shared not the original one that was posted, right?
Looking forwards to your feedback on the recipe on top.


Right, they both share a few commonalities which I was speaking to and basing loosely off of the original that I’m trying to clone. I’ll keep you posted. Glad to hear yours turned out well even if it requires a little adjusting.


After a night in the tank, it was much less throat hittey this morning. Even a bit more pineapple.


Have mixed up a trial batch starting with polar at 0.5%. Gonna give it a test run tomorrow evening and figure out where I need to adjust. We’ll see how it goes. I’m assuming I’m gonna raise to 1-1.5 but it’s easier to add than it is to remove lol