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[REQ] Humo - Lemon Meringue


I was wondering if anyone has tried this or has any idea of how they’re getting such an accurate ‘egg-white’ flavouring?

Such a subtle and beautifully blended flavour of lemon with sweet fluffy egg-whites, it’s not often i’m impressed with a store bough ‘premium’ eLiquid but this is one is very good.



I’d start here by searching for highly rated recipes using FA Meringue and FA Lemon Sicily as the search terms. They both combine to create the flav profile you are seeking. CAP Lemon Meringue Pie is also useful and good as a standalone.


Thanks @HVPGH

What’s interesting about this eLiquid is you can actually taste sugar, not just sweetness like you get with sucralose/stevia but the actual flavour of granulated white sugar you put in your tea/coffee.

Any ideas how they’re doing that?


I would love to know how one gets the taste of granulated sugar into a mix, this is something I have been researching for a long time.


I’m thinking maybe a cotton candy but I have 0 experience with any of the ones available so could be completely wrong, I definitely get a sort of grainy granulated white sugar taste from this juice.

It’s a very sweet eLiquid but It doesn’t have that overpowering 1-dimensional sweetness you get with sucralose where it just adds sweetness without any flavour, this definitely has a ‘sugar’ taste.


I have experimented with Hangsen Rock Sugar. There is a slight sweetness to it, with a hint of something else (a fruity mint)? but hard to put your finger on it. Really mild but pleasant finished flavour, but has potential for adding a slight background sweetness, not a strong artificial sucralose sweetness. Just need to find the right level for use in mixes.


I put 1% FA Meringue into my Strawberry Cream recipes and it does that for me


I know exactly what you are saying, it is definitely something more than just sucralose. I have been playing with the cotton candy, actually trying to get that sugar grain taste. Slight success so far, but I cant tell until it steeps.

Interesting, I will have to give this a try…


That cotton candy is essentially Ethyl Maltose (EM)… It may have more of a muting effect on your overall flavor after a steep…


Yeahhhh, I know… I am being super careful with it, as it does provide a certain sugary aspect, but I do know how it is a culprit for muting flavors. What % do you find it mutes at? I am using 0.5% and so far no muting (though we will see how it does with a steep).


While it is on my mind… Has anyone used TFA Meringue? I have read the notes on it and was wondering what the difference between TFA and the VERY much used FA Meringue is.



I would also be interested to know the difference, after a google it seems that FA Meringue changed at some point from being predominately egg-whites and sugar to a cooked meringue with caramelised notes.

In regards to the Humo eLiquid there is definitely no cooked, caramel or bakery notes as such, as said it’s purely egg-whites, sugar and lemon.

I did a quick test with FA Meringue at 4%, Lemon Sicily at 2% and Sweetener at 2% and although there were some similarities on the nose it didn’t strike me as a possibility that these are the flavours used.

FA Meringue possibly, although as I expected, 4% is way too much. Lemon Sicily at 2% didn’t bare any resemblance to the original and apart from dropping it down to 0.5% and testing again I think it’s futile. The striking difference was the sweetness, using 2% sweetener would usually be a lot for me but in comparison the Humo liquid tastes 10x sweeter, they’re definitely using something to mimic the taste of real granulated white sugar, possibly a mix of Cotton Candy and Sucralose?

Humo actually lists ‘sugar’ in the flavour profile for their Lemon Meringue eLiquid.


Can’t say how they would recreate the taste of granular sugar but I kind of doubt it would just be ethyl maltol but perhaps with the addition of some erythritol along with the sucralose and a little EM it would provide you the mouth-feel and “taste” of granulated sugar. I have utilized all three in a couple recipes.


I get a powdered sugar note from rf (sc) funnel cake. But there is also a slight cinnamon note as well, so that may or may not be helpful


I can speak for how sweet Stevia is, but as for granulated? Hmmm… Has anyone managed to get a granulated taste from stevia?


I haven’t used Stevia, my understanding is that it is different than erythritol…all I am saying is there seems to be a synergy between low proportions of erythritol and sucralose that equates more of a refined sugar taste, to me. “erythritol in combination with other sweeteners opens a wide range of advantages and features: natural sweetening, improved taste, low-glycemic-index sweetness, etc. Though only sugar tastes exactly like sugar, using erythritol helps find the original taste without sugar addition.” source: https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/articles/2008/03/sweetener-blends-with-erythritol.aspx


Very interesting, noted. I had seen a recipe a couple weeks back where someone used both CAP Super Sweet and Erythritol in tandem and they were saying something along the same lines as what you were saying that it gives it a sugar taste, it isn’t just for extra sweetness.


I quite accidentally stumbled upon this and it didn’t register until I read this thread. I was vaping on a sugar cookie recipe (made with Cap V2) and had originally used about .75% erythritol as the only sweetening additive. It just didn’t have all the sweetness I wanted and I added .5% Super Sweet along with .25% EM. It took on an entirely new level of sweetness and was no more coil gunking than usual. I never really thought about it until reading/responding to this topic, but yep that’s my story.


Interesting you mention Sugar Cookie as that’s probably the only concentrate i’ve found that gives that sort of granular, course white sugar note, albeit with other flavours that are detrimental to what i’m trying to recreate.

Possibly using Sugar Cookie at a small % with FA Meringue, maybe a small amount of Marshmallow, Sucralose, EM, and erythritol is worth trying to get that whipped egg whites and sugar base.


I’ve used Sugar Cookie along with Meringue many times but not with marshmallow, that sounds good. Actually, I just got some TPA Toasted Marshmallow and may try it in this fashion! I’ll prolly wait for some V1 Sugar Cookie as I am tired of using the V2 as it takes too long to steep and I have a feeling it is much the better. One last thought, FA Cookie is a little grainier than CAP SC and I have it, with all the sweetening enhancements it may actually be the combination you are seeking?