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[REQ] Loch ness by decoded


Hello, and thank you for viewing my post. I was wondering if anyone had a clone for loch ness by decoded or knew of anywhere to pick some up online. Everywhere ive looked it is unavailable except for zamplebox, where i discovered the flavor, but im no longer a member and dont want to renew just to get one flavor. And the fact that you can only get 30mls from them. I would love to get my hands on a 120 of it, but the only place i can find it is on premium lab’s website for $56. Maybe im cheap, but i dont really want to spend that much on a bottle, even though i love the flavor. If anyone knows of a flavor thats very similar or you have a clone attempt please let me know. Thank you


Im now officially confused. Before i wrote this up the 120 on Premium Lab’s site was $56 dollars for a 120 and now its showing as $27 for a 120. Going to go ahead and order it now, but if anyone does have a clone, id still like to try it out


There’s no recipes for it on the recipe site. A little description of the juice is always helpful when looking for a clone.

‘You’ve had peaches and cream before but never like this. Loch Ness brings together peaches and cream with a velvety yogurt.’

I’ve moved your post to Clones since this is not the right section for it.


Sorry about that. I dont use forums often, and im relatively new here so wasnt sure what to put it under. Thank you for moving it. And thank you for the description. I thought i put it in there but guess i slipped right passed it.


Sammy has sales on his site all the time that would make a purchase or 4 worth your while, so I would suggest to follow premium labs on facebook for exclusive deals. They are one of, if not the best, juice maker here in Canada. The guys at convicted vapes call Sammy the Phillip Rocke of Canada and he even made the juice that they sell of their own line.


sometimes a picture helps the cloning process so we get a look at the color of the juice, or the label that might have clues to the contents.

I think it has peach, cream, yogurt, and a sea monster, and maybe some lake water


it def has to have some sea monster in it. its too good not too lol


It has to be the best juice ive ever had. Idk what happened last night but when i went to their site the prices were a lot higher than they are right now. Ended up buying a 120


Yes there is probable only a tiny bit of lake water, depends on how wet the monster is when they add it.